Alternatives To The Traditional Bouquet Toss

If you have been to as many weddings as I have been, one of the most funny moments to watch is the scene of scrambling single women fighting over each other to catch the wedding bouquet. It can be somewhat embarrassing to watch. It is said that whoever catches the bouquet will soon get married.

Modern brides are now moving away from the traditional bouquet toss. If you are getting married and want to put some fun/twist into the traditional wedding flower toss, you may want to try out the following 5 suggestions:

1 – Mini Bouquets – Your wedding bouquet is actually made up of several smaller flower bouquets. Have your florist prepare the bouquet by bundling it up with mini flower bouquets. Just before the toss, separate the wedding bouquet into the individual ones and throw those over your shoulders. This way, instead of one single women catching the bouquet, more than one single women will receive the mini bouquets.

2 – Single Flowers Toss – Here, your wedding bouquet is made up of several single flowers. On each of the flowers you will attach a “fortune” note written by you. Then toss those flowers into the crowd. Similar to the above, more than one single women will receive the “fortune” flowers. Instead of tossing them, you can also hand out the flowers to the single women.

3 – Musical Bouquet Toss – This is similar to the “musical chair” game. Here the single women forms a circle. When the music starts, the wedding bouquet is passed around the circle. When the music stops, the person holding the bouquet is eliminated. This is then repeated over and over until there is only one person left holding the bouquet and that person gets to keep the bouquet. If you want to keep the game short, when the music stops the first time around, the person holding the bouquet gets to keep it.

4 – Bouquet/Garter Toss – Some brides prefer not to do the garter game, but if you plan on having a garter toss as well, then both of you can throw the garter/bouquet at the same time. Here you can mix the “single” women and “single” men together. You can even have the bride toss the garter and the groom toss the bouquet. Mix it up as much as you want.

5 – Toys/Candies/Favors Toss – Instead of tossing your bouquet, you can toss your wedding favors. Here you can invite everybody to participate. If there will be many children, you can even toss candies and toys. You can even encourange your husband to assist in the toss.

As you can see, you can turn the bouquet toss into something different but still keeping the tradition in mind.