A Sunrise Spring Wall Fountain Guaranteed To Add Beauty To Any Space

A Sunrise Spring Wall Fountain is a uniquely designed, one of a kind water fountain you mount on your wall. All these gorgeous fountains are made in the U.S. and are available in varying face options. These water features boast a pebble beach splash guard tray and river rock. The adjustable splash guard is included with your purchase and is an easy means of hiding the pump from the view of the public. The splash guard is one of the most important features of your fountains as it prevents water from splashing out of the tray and onto your walls, carpet, and furniture. The all-important splash guard also holds the natural polished river rocks in their place so as not to upset them.

The fountain is available in a variety of options:
Available Surface Material:
Featherstone: Rajah, Green and Black Featherstone
Full Slate: Rajah, Green, and Black Full Slate
Marble: Brown Rainforest, Green Rainforest, and Black Spider Marble
Mirror: Silver Mirror
Available Trim Material:
Stainless Steel, Copper, Antique Black Copper, and Copper Vein
No matter which combination you choose, youre bound to find one thats just right for the dcor you have in your home or office. In fact, designers everywhere are now including fountains in their designs as a beautiful piece of moving artwork to incorporate into any setting.

These wall mounted fountains also come with a water tight tray liner that is extremely heavy duty, easily holding the water in its place. These liners have been double tested and are guaranteed not to leak or deteriorate, even after youve had your fountain for a long period of time. The Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain also comes with a superior water distribution system; this allows the water to flow smoothly and keep it from clogging or spraying. This means your exquisite fountain will remain beautiful for years to come.

Another thing you get with a Sunrise Spring Wall Fountain is five 50-watt halogen light bulbs to illuminate the beauty of the tumbling water. It has a switch that will control both the lights and the water flow and is easily used by anyone not efficient in the technical aspect of newer high-tech devices. In addition, a dimmer switch can create a brighter or more subdued coloration with a simple twist of the knob, giving a delightfully dramatic effect. Its possible to even add a logo, company name, or image to your fountain, personalizing it all the more. And it offers your company additional signage in a simple, yet unique and dramatic way. Additionally, the size of the wall mounted fountains can be changed to whatever specifications you might need them to be.

The Sunrise Spring Wall Fountain is really quite easy to install and comes with a one year limited warranty. The manufacturer of the pump of the fountain also offers a one year limited warranty on their product as well, so youre doubly insured.