A Professional Artificial Flower Shop

As much as I love flowers, they don’t stand a chance in my house. I might receive fresh flowers every so often and they wither and die in the same time period that anyone’s would. But, if you give me a potted plant or flower for my house, it will be beyond hope within a month. I have a problem with remembering to water them. The unfortunate part is that I love flowers. I’ve tried for years to keep flowers and plants in my home. Each and every time, I failed to keep them thriving. Heck, I even managed to kill a cactus.

My mother told me that I should buy artificial flowers. When I crinkled my nose, she told me to find artificial flowers that don’t look artificial. I had never truly seen artificial flowers that didn’t have that fake look to them, but I agreed to accompany her to search for some. The first place that we stopped had rows and rows of artificial flowers but none of them suited me. The second store that we entered was more of a professional flower shop. The employees directed me to look at silk flowers. I was told that more and more brides are choosing artificial silk flowers for their weddings – at least for the bouquets. While they are not as expensive as getting real flowers, they can be kept and looked at forever. I was absolutely amazed at these artificial flowers. Touching the petals really did feel like touching the delicate and satiny petals of any real flower. The only thing missing was the smell. I bought several bouquets of bright flowers for my house.

Since then, I have been to several weddings in which the brides have chosen to use artificial flowers as part of their wedding. One of the brides had a real flower bouquet made for herself and one in silk flowers as well. She wanted to have a replica that should could keep without having to preserve hers and spend the money. I though that it was a brilliant idea. Another bride simply didn’t want to dish out the expense for having real flowers as decorations. She paid for the bouquets to be real flowers but all of the centerpieces and flowers throughout the reception were artificial flowers. No one even noticed as they looked incredibly real.

There are so many ways to use a artificial flowers. They can brighten your house like they do mine. They can be used in weddings or for special occasions. Some people even plant them in their outdoor flowerbeds just for show. I don’t think that I could bring myself to do that though. The older I’m getting though, I’m starting to think it sounds pretty tempting.