A Home Wedding Ceremony

A home wedding ceremony can be an intimate experience for guests and the couple. There’s no place like home for your wedding, creating a memorable day in the privacy of a home can reduce expenses and provide less stress for the couple. While at first, the idea might seem to be the easiest and least expensive option, be aware that there can be some costs and obstacles you may not have considered. Even though the wedding may not be taking a place in a formal venue, there are some details that will need to be considered.

To make a home wedding successful, you may need to utilize the services of an event rental company for additional seating, tables and linens. Other rental items could include d?cor and audio visual equipment such as microphones or podiums. A ceremony in a house may also require the services of a caterer for food and beverages. Most caterers can provide servers and bartenders for an additional fee. It is recommended that the wedding cake be ordered from a baker or a caterer. If convenient parking facilities are not available, a valet company should be considered, so that guests are not required to park in an unsafe or unapproved area and risk parking tickets or towing charges.

To ensure the day’s events are captured for the future, the services of a professional photographer or videographer are suggested. Consider hiring entertainment, which typically comes with the appropriate speakers and microphones for the proper sound levels throughout the space. For additional d?cor, if access to a garden with flowers is not possible, hire a florist for bouquets and table floral arrangements. Some florists may also have additional d?cor items that can be rented for the day.

A home wedding, especially in a residential area, may require local permits for parking, catering and entertainment to comply with local ordinances. Depending on region or location, permits can take four to eight weeks to secure ,once paperwork is submitted. S,o allow at least two to three months to secure and complete paperwork. Contact the vendors to enquire if they are aware of any special permits. Many vendors will secure the required permits. Contact the local chamber of commerce or city hall to inquire about additional permits.

Create a delivery schedule for any vendors required to deliver to the house. Allow for at least an hour for each vendor to set up. If possible, ask vendors to deliver the day before the ceremony. Consider hiring a cleaning service 24 to 48 hours prior to the wedding to clean the whole house.

And remember, you should always expect to have some broken glasses and stains on the walls after a home wedding. But, the feeling of having done the wedding your way, with your closest friends and family, in a place close to your heart, will trump any uneasiness you may have about it.

All the best on your wedding and wish you a wonderful married life ahead.