A Flower Vase For Your Picnic Table

Do you love to conform? Do you like to do the things everyone else does and do you buy cookie cutter products that look exactly like everyone else’s? Take your picnic table for instance. Are you stuck with a ho hum, blah patio table and umbrella that looks just like all the others on the block? If so, picnic table umbrella vase may be just the thing to lift you from the doldrums and set your patio apart from the crowd.

Have you noticed how difficult it is to place a beautiful centerpiece on your patio table? It’s tough to do with that unsightly umbrella pole sticking out of the hole in the middle of the table. Short of painting wildflowers on the pole itself, or offsetting the decorative table centerpiece to the side of the pole (which, of course, makes it no longer a centerpiece, but an offset piece), it is tough to place ornamentation on an umbrella patio table somewhere that looks good. Even if you do put some kind of decoration on the table, it wastes scads of useable table space. Since space on an umbrella table is usually at a premium, most decorations waste whatever limited space you do have. Is there a solution? You bet your floral arrangement there is. The solution is picnic table umbrella vase. This is a unique way to decorate for those family meals outside this summer.

This specially designed flower vase is so simple in its design, yet so useful and visually appealing; it’s surprising that no one has come up with such a wonderful creation before this time. The vase has separable halves that fasten easily around the umbrella pole on the table. You can then place your favorite silk, dried or freshly cut flowers in each half of the vase for the finest umbrella table centerpiece you’ve ever laid eyes on.

A picnic table umbrella vase is short so as not to impede round-the-table conversations or block your view. It comes in your choice of pleasing colors, and what’s even more important than that, it’s tough for the kids to break. It’s even dishwasher safe in case you have a little ketchup incident one day. And the many benefits of finding a cool picnic table vase don’t end there. You can fasten an interesting vase such as this to stair railing stanchions and other vertical poles to fancy them up to your heart’s desire.