A Brief Overview Of The Pineapple Fountain

While it is not widely known, the impact the pineapple has had on culture, d?cor, and architecture is immense. The likeness of this distinctive fruit has been implemented or inspired in various features such as wall sculptures, furniture, brackets, pedestals, corbels, as well as stonework. Long characterized as a symbol of hospitality, the pineapple has been used to create water features as well. The pineapple fountain is an attractive development of the fanciful use of the pineapple fruit.

The pineapple fountain may be properly considered American in heritage, a fact that can be traced back to the initial trade of the pineapple fruit in South America and European exportation from the Caribbean in the 1600’s. The pineapple became popular not only because of its wonderful flavor, but also its intriguing appearance. The artistic appeal and decorative possibilities of the pineapple would generate a whole period of design and decoration that made use of the pineapple. The pineapple fountain appeared at some point during this time.

At first, the pineapple fountain, like other elaborate designs, was something reserved for the wealthy. Elaborate and finely crafted pineapple fountains could be found in the homes and residences of aristocrats, planters, and members of royalty. Of course, you could also find the pineapple fountain in public places. It was not uncommon to find them in city parks and outside of courthouses.

For the following centuries, the pineapple fountain continued with a number of different designs and multiple styles appearing in homes and public sites. Even now, throughout the United States, pineapple inspired designs, including the pineapple fountain, are regularly used to create artful garden designs.

With the advent of better technology, new, more versatile construction materials have appeared, allowing the pineapple fountain to move inside the home or indoor space. Like most other water fountains produced today, the pineapple fountain can be made with lightweight materials such as fiberglass, plastic, and resin. This doesn’t mean that manufacturers have ceased using traditional materials like stone, concrete, and metal. There is tension in the industry. A demand of more fountains has encouraged the development of many unique fountain designs.

The pineapple fountain has continued to have a broad consumer appeal. Simply by going online and doing a search for fountains, you will come across hundreds of results pages for competitive dealers offering great fountains at low prices. It is quite possible to spend several hours looking at images of fountains and other water features.

A pineapple fountain is feasible only if you have a whole motif or interior design plan prepared in beforehand. The more planning you do before buying one pineapple fountains, the better chance you will have of locating a decently priced pineapple fountain that will be perfect for your outdoor garden or indoor space. If you’re interested, the best thing you can do is research. Eliminate all of the doubts about whether you will like a pineapple fountain before you have it installed.