A Backyard Fountain Goes Hand In Hand With Your Bird Feeder

We all enjoy hearing the birds singing every morning. Their day begins before we even wake up. And they are usually the first thing we hear everyday, aside from our alarm clocks. Because birds are such beautiful singers and are magnificent looking as well, many people enjoy creating a backyard area dedicated to providing necessities for the birds.

So, naturally we will start by putting up a bird feeder. After a couple of weeks we decide that we can have many more birds it we just had more feeders. But let’s decide what kind of feeders we will need to get a good assortment of birds. Some birds like a platform feeder, while others will eat from a wooden feeder with enclosed feed falling down into a tray. Then you have the finches that eat very tiny seeds and they like to eat from a tube feeder. I guess different birds with different strokes.

One thing we tend to forget about is a backyard fountain or bird bath. Birds love to have a source of water available so they are able to clean their wings to achieve proper flight condition. Though, there are a few requirements birds have when it comes to the water source. First, it must be in an open location to keep an eye out for predators. Second, it must have nearby bushes or trees for quick escape in case a predator is spotted.

A really great item that will satisfy both you and the birds is a fountain in your backyard garden area. Having a fountain can add an element of beauty and relaxation to your home. Listening to water trickling down a fountain in the shade can be an extremely relaxing activity. To make it even better, birds will find the fountain very useful and you will be able to watch them play games in the water, further adding an element of intrigue to your backyard experience.

You can spend anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand to have a fountain in your backyard. The size and design will determine how costly your fountain will be. Also take in consideration what the fountain is made from. Some are made of cement and are very heavy and some are made of a lighter weight like fiberglass. Some fountains are made of a metal composition.

You really need to protect your backyard fountain from extreme cold in the winter. Most fountains are made of cement or fiberglass, and the extreme cold can cause these fountains to crack, so be sure to cover it with a plastic bag or tarp throughout most of the winter. With a little care, your fountain should last for many years of enjoyment, both for you and for your bird visitors.