The Benefits Of Adding Mulch To Your Garden

If you have ever shopped at one of the local home and garden centers in your area, you may have seen people hauling enormous bags of mulch around in carts or on dollys. These individuals obviously have some gardening chores to complete, but what exactly do they plan to do with all of this organic material? Actually, there are many benefits to mulching in the green spaces around your house.

Do you have a problem with weeds in your garden? These unwelcome plants are notorious for leaching valuable nutrients from the soil, but it can be backbreaking work to pull all of these unsightly growths out by their roots. Plus, the job is never done. Instead of spending hours every weekend removing these from your garden, try spreading mulch over the areas where they grow the most. The wood chip mixture inhibits weed germination and replenishes the soil of its vital resources. Then, after the material starts to break down, you can think about planting flowers or shrubs there. The soil in that area will be way more nutrient-rich after the addition of the organic material.

Those that want to exercise a green thumb in colder climates often use mulch to control soil temperature fluctuations that can kill plants and wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy garden. In the winter, the ground cover traps moisture in and protects plant roots from the cold. By that same token, mulching is done in warm, sunny climates in order to keep roots cool on even the hottest of days.

The best type of mulch to use will depend on the type of climate you live in and the area of your yard in which it will be spread. Experiment with different material compositions in order to see how your plants respond. Wood or bark chips look neat and attractive when spread in different beds. They are also slow to decay, so gardeners will not have to worry about replacing them for some time. However, if you want to use a form of mulch that is more cost-effective, try putting down grass clippings, compost, old leaves, hay, or straw. These are options that homeowners can find and mix together for free.

With this information in mind, you might be quite eager to begin an outdoor improvement project. Just make sure you do your research before you begin mulching with the material of your choice. You will get optimal results by spreading the product evenly and strategically.

Keeping Your Garden Free Of Cats

If you want to make sure that cats don’t get into your garden, the first step would be to secure the boundaries. For example, check for gaps in the fence and block them so that you don’t make it too easy for the cat to get in. Because they’re so agile, cats can easily jump high and over a fence. The solution to that is to buy a taut or string wire and put it on the top of the fence.

Once the cat gets in the garden, you might find it hard to get rid of her. A lot of people will simply use dogs, for the simple reason that cats and dogs don’t get along. Dobermans and pit bulls are two races of dogs that are especially aggressive when they see cats. Simply seeing one of these types of dogs will make a cat run away.

Another thing that cats don’t like is water. When you want to get rid of a cat, try using water on it to make it run away. Just squirting some water from a garden hose or a water bucket will do the trick. Once you’ve scared the cat a few times by using this method, he’ll probably stop showing up. Just keep getting water on him each time he comes and he’ll understand that he’s not welcomed.

If you want to protect the plants in your garden, then you can try using mothballs, since cats don’t stand their smell. You can place the mothballs near garden borders, around plants and near the fence. Besides mothballs, there are a few other repellents for cats, like tobacco, mustard oil, cayenne peppers, lemon grass oil, citronella oil and lavender oil.

Going to a local lawn or hardware store will also give you some more options, in the form of sprinklers that are activated by motion. Install a system like this in your garden, and when a cat enters the area the sprinklers will start shooting water. If the cat has this experience a few times while coming to your garden, it will eventually learn to stay out.

One other method of scaring cats that works very well is using devices that emit sound at high frequencies, which humans can’t hear. There are a number of options out there that work on this principle. You can choose one that starts when it detects motion and another that keeps doing the noise all the time. Just make sure you check for the area that the device can cover. As long as it can protect the entire garden, it should be all you need to get rid of unwanted visitors.

There are a number of commercial options also, like products that use scents to make the cats avoid going into your garden. However, you shouldn’t use such a product in the vicinity of your food crops. It’s not recommended because these repellents have a lot of chemicals in them. Look for these products in local department stores.

Having a garden means that you can expect unwanted visitors from time to time. Cats and other types of animals will show up if you don’t take some precautions. If you do take precautions, you can make them leave your garden alone. As I said here, the first step should be securing the fence, followed by using water. If none of these works, you can try some commercial repellents as a last resort.

Beautiful Designer Flower Girl Dresses

In many weddings, flower girls walk down the aisle scattering rose petals, but mostly their role is to simply be adorable. Flower girls are fabulous, period. Weddings just do not seem complete without them. When it comes to wedding style, flower girl chic is all the rage. The tacky mini-bride dresses of days gone by have been replaced with beautiful designer flower girl dresses.

Accept nothing less than a designer dress for your little opening act. If you cannot decide what to choose, take a look at the selections and categories below, and you are on your way to finding that perfect look.

Formal Frocks

These are the timeless flower girl dresses we know and love. Often made from satin, organza, chiffon and tulle, these dresses are the standard for very formal and/or traditional weddings. Great for evening weddings, as well. These flower girl dresses frequently feature embellishments such as beads or shirred highlights. Keep an eye out for these styles:

An absolutely precious sleeveless satin and organza dress with graceful, hand-beaded cummerbund.
A twist on a classic the spaghetti strap empire bubble dress with rosette bodice dress. Bubble dresses are all the rage right now.
Girl heaven! The quintessential flower girl gown. You cant go wrong with the spaghetti strap ballerina dress with double layer tulle skirt. Shell want to wear it every day until she outgrows it.
The silk crinkle chiffon sleeveless dress with shirred bodice and waist is an elegant choice for the flower girl sophisticate.

Cotton Cuties

Whether due to season or just faulty air conditioning, if it is warm in your wedding location, do yourself a favor and find a cotton dress for your flower girl. Otherwise, you risk a bout of crankiness. And, as any bridal expert will tell you, you absolutely do not want a cranky flower girl. These little divas can be extremely temperamental. One false move and those petals are not going anywhere but where they should not be. Convinced? Good. Try these comfortable, breathable cotton flower girl dresses.

A cotton tricotine sleeveless bateau dress with dropped waist, fabric belt, bow at hipline and full pleated skirt will keep her feeling fresh and flower girl fabulous all day.
An absolutely charming, sleeveless cotton tricotene with an adorable ruffle trim at the hem. When it comes to flower girls, can you ever have enough ruffles?

These cotton dresses are great for casual weddings, outdoor ceremonies or secular spots such as home or hotel weddings.

Beach Babies

Few things are precious than a little girl in a sundress. Outdoor weddings, especially seaside, require the perfect dress for your flower girl. Keep an eye out for light, fun sundresses in all kinds of shades. These dresses are great fun to coordinate with your bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids. For a touch of whimsy, add coordinating accessories such as a necklace, sash or hair bow. Some great options:

A sweet and unique net sleeveless dress with swirls of net stitched on the empire bodice and full pleated skirt is great for a seaside wedding.
A cute and simple little satin tank dress with crumbcatcher bodice. No fuss.
If its breezy on the beach, look for a warm-weather dress that features a sleeveless illusion neckline with adorable rosette bodice. Sassy!
A beach bride favorite. A precious orchid appliqu adorns this sleeveless flower girl frock with illusion neckline.

Holiday Honeys

Holiday weddings are growing more and more popular. This is already an exciting time for children, so make sure and be patient with them. Sometimes, the thought of scattering petals one day and a visit from Santa the next morning is too much to bear, and can cause these sugarplums to get a little moody.

Get away from all the holiday hustle and bustle and make some time to do something special with the flower girl that is exclusive to the wedding. Perhaps shop for accessories or get manicures. When it comes to flower girl dresses for holiday weddings, these are typically more formal and are often selected in jewel tones. Try these:

A lovely sleeveless satin dress with charming bateau neckline, wide fabric band with knot detail and full skirt. Make sure and purchase a cute, coordinating cardigan for sleeveless holiday dresses for flower girls.
This fancy, satin flower girl favorite features a festive sash at the waist, and satin appliqud flowers. A perfect choice for holiday nuptials.

Selecting the perfect flower girl dress is fun and heartwarming. Make sure you do not skimp on the accessories. Precious pearls and lockets are great choices. Dont forget the ballet slippers or mary-janes. She will feel like such a princess, and you will have to call it her special day rather than yours!

The Benefits Of A Solar Water Fountain Pump

The development of a landscaped fountain can make a home or business look truly unique. Fountains possess great visual allure which is one of the many reasons they are so popular. Of course, a fountain also has to operate properly or else it will lose much of its perceived value. Now, who would want a situation such as that developing? Not too many people! Thankfully, there are a number of novel ways in which a fountain can be effectively operated.

You have to give most engineers and entrepreneurs a lot of credit. They are perpetually coming up with new and original products and concepts that aid in making the maintenance of commercial or residential properties easier and less costly. In some instances, such developments come from very unexpected sources.

Such is the case with the Solar Water Fountain Pump. Without a doubt, these pumps are tremendously helpful in terms of their ability to make the operation of a traditional fountain to be easy and inexpensive. Those are two traits many would find enormously positive when it comes to devising means of modifying the operation of a fountain.

If you have ever wondered how and why the water in a fountain pumps, there is answer is found in one word: electricity. Then, electricity can be further defined into two more words: energy bills. Needless to say, most people would prefer not to invest a lot of money in energy bills.

Thankfully, a Solar Water Fountain Pump will eliminate a great many of the costs associated with the fountain. Solar energy will reverse a number of the problems associated with wiring an electrical system into a fountain. This brings us to the next point…

When you use a Solar Water Fountain Pump, you will not be required to have a wiring system set up. Such wiring can cost a lot of money to install and then on top of the installation, the wiring will need to be maintained. This can lead to further costs when repair time rolls around.

And then there is also the unfortunate issue of having a fountain that does not work when the wiring falters. Who would want to deal with such a scenario? Rather then have to involve wiring into the design of the fountain, it is much better to replace it with a system that is not weighed down by so many issues.

The costs of purchasing a Solar Water Fountain Pump are relatively minor. There are pumps that are under $200 and some that can even be purchased well under $100. This way, those that worry about the purchase price of the fountain will not set the buyer back too much. Thankfully, there are pumps that will not bust a budget.

DC wedding florist guide

What would dc weddings be if not boring and drab without those heart-warming and sweet-smelling flowers that can brighten up even the oldest maiden during your dc wedding? Even the simplest flower arrangement can add glamour and life to a wedding ceremony so you can just imagine how stunning your wedding ceremony and receptions would be with the right flower arrangement.

No flower is ugly and you will realize that the flowers used for dc weddings are not only influenced by the flowers in season but also by the personality of the couple. When it comes to choosing flowers for your dc wedding, be guided by your favorite color and flower and you won’t go wrong. The most important thing is to keep the flowers more meaningful by choosing a variety or color that has something to do with your love story, your wedding theme or even your color motif.

Remember the following mantras when choosing your flowers and your florists: Budget, budget, budget

While you love luxurious flowers that can cost a fortune, you have to be practical and consider the cost of getting them all geared up for your dc wedding. Life is always a series of compromises and dc weddings could be the best examples of how you can compromise if only to get what you want. If you want to get the most expensive flowers in the world then make that your priority and scrimp on something else for your wedding. But then again, there are so many beautiful flowers that won’t break the bank so do your research.

The best florist can make the cheapest flowers look great

Instead of spending a fortune for flowers that will only last for a few days, why not choose the most creative florist in town for your dc wedding? Check out home businesses that specialize in providing flower arrangements for dc weddings as they usually offer the most affordable and out-of-the-box flower arrangements. To make sure that you made the right choice, meet with the florist and see how he or she envisions your flower arrangement for the ceremony and the reception. You can even ask for a catalogue of past flower arrangements or ask the florist to create a totally new design for you based on your personality.

Mix and match

Gone are the days when dc weddings were limited to flowers of the same variety and color. The trend nowadays is to mix and match flowers with complementary or contrasting shades but different textures. Unique flower arrangements usually get the attention of the guests the moment they arrive at the chapel or garden. But more than that, unique flower arrangements will keep your dc wedding photographs more attractive.

All-purpose flowers

If you don’t want to splurge on flowers then don’t worry because you can have beautiful flowers everywhere for dc weddings held in gardens and other venues where flowers are already part of the landscape or scenery. This way, you only have to enhance the beauty of your natural surroundings by adding some flower arrangement along the aisle where the bride and the groom will march. You do not have to spend double for your dc wedding if your wedding coordinator knows how to take advantage of the flower arrangements in the wedding ceremony venue. After all, there is no rule that says you can’t use the same flower arrangements for the chapel and the reception.

Get to know the different flowers you can use for your dc wedding and choose the ones that will not only stay fresh longer but ones that are also easy on the pocket. There are many flowers sources in the area so dc weddings are always assured of having enough blooms no matter where the bride and groom say their -I Do’s-.

Flowers are part and parcel of every DC wedding. These blooms do not only make DC weddings colorful but also charming. Check our website for more information on how to choose flowers for weddings.

Avoid Making Common Garden Lighting Mistakes

Lighting the garden can be very exciting, but you can get carried away and commit some mistakes made in your over enthusiasm. Lighting your garden is like an open canvas that is just waiting for you to express your artistic abilities.

Nevertheless, before you go about ordering garden lighting spend some time planning and visualizing what the garden will look like once it’s lighted up at night. The garden at night should look subtle, inviting, and definitely not bizarre. Therefore, it’s always better to look around and read up about garden lighting. One important factor to remember is that a bed of roses, which looks lovely during the day, may look horrible at night with the wrong garden lights.

You don’t have to search for garden lighting ideas in magazines, as there is plenty of useful information on garden lighting available for free on the internet. All you need to do is to control your enthusiasm and explore the sites. By spending the right time on research, you can end up with an exquisitely lit night garden. Avoid these mentioned common mistakes that most people make, and you will have no regrets.

The first mistake to avoid is using too much lighting. Don’t go placing a light on every bush, shrub, flower bed, and branches. Also, avoid using high-powered bulbs, as you are definitely not going to be playing a softball game at night in the garden. You cannot recreate daylight by over lighting the garden; therefore, avoid attempting it. The garden should look subtle and alluring with an aura of romance in it.

There are so many different types of garden lighting available in the market today that you may get tempted into trying their mixture. Well, the advice is very simple – don’t get tempted into mixing the lighting. Create a single theme and stick with it. Once you see the theme, you can always change it later, but don’t jumble it.

If you go on mixing the themes, you will end up with a jumble and a garden that people will want to avoid looking at. You surely want people to admire the garden at night, enjoy the mood, and walk away relaxed and embraced with the mood created by the lighting. Therefore, stick with a single theme. The last piece of advice is to avoid using low cost material and fixtures. You may get a great deal, but you could end up with a whole series of problems. Therefore, spend your money wisely and use quality material.

Suanluang Rama Ix Bangkok Flower Park

Suanluang flower park in Bangkok was opened in 1987, the park was built in celebration for the 60th birthday celebrations for His Majesty King Rama IXs 60th Birthday.

This park is a popular place for jogging and exercise, Bangkok residents often jog around this park and you can often see people doing athletic training, yoga and practicing martial arts in this park. This flower park is the largest public park in Bangkok.

This Bangkok flower park is an oasis in an urban metropolis and is somewhere often overlooked by tourists who do not take the time to explore the recreation areas in this park. The park is part botanical garden and partly for recreation. It is a wonderful place to go jogging early in the morning or late in the evening to combine your fitness regime with unwinding after a busy day working and commuting in Bangkok.

Suangluang represents the best of the flower gardens in Thailand. There are four main areas in the Botanical flower gardens in this park, they are the Rommaniya Garden, The Reservoir, Sanam Rasdara, and the Water Garden. You can go jogging in the park, then row a boat out to the middle of the beautiful Water Garden and then finish up with a relaxing outdoor picnic amongst the beautiful flowers in the Botanical Flower gardens.

Rommaniya Garden

In December every year you can see the famous Bangkok flowers show around the date of His Majesty The Kings Birthday. There are many flower stalls, where Bangkok florists will gather to exhibit and sell their flower arrangement and potted plants. You can purchase a potted orchid plant for around $2.

The Resevoir

The artificial lake in The Reservoir is a popular place for boating and water sports, on Buddhist holidays you can often see free cultural events and public displays and if you are lucky and see the Songkran theatrical display with beautiful candles and sky lanterns over the lake you are really in for a treat.

Sanam Rasdara

This Botanical garden features hundreds of species of orchid plants. The Golden Shower Flower garden features the Ratchaphruek flowers which are the national flower of Thailand.

Water Garden

This flower garden features many types of lilies, which are very popular flowers in Thailand. You can rent a boat and float aimlessly amongst the beautiful and highly fragrant lilies and admire the giant carp. Fishing is strictly prohibited.

To get to Suangluam flower gardens take any Bangkok taxi, the word is prounounced Sooang Laarm if you may need to speak clearly to the taxi driver. You can also ask for Park Seri Center and they should understand. Travelling by bus take public bus 206 or 511, disembark at the Seri Center and cross the road and walk to the left until you see the sign for Bangkok Flower park.

Florist Making Your Wedding Flowers a Reality

Weddings are such a special occasion. You want to have everything perfect for your big day and there’s no reason not to have everything go your way. It’s important for you to have the dress of your dreams, the cake of your dreams, and the right flowers. The flowers are a very important part of the ceremony and you want to make sure that you get them right. Working with florists can help you ensure that your day looks and feel pleasant.

When you are ready to start talking flowers it’s important to find florists that are knowledgeable. You’re first stop on this journey is probably to search the yellow pages or the internet. You want to make sure that you check out a few florists to ensure that you get someone that knows what they are doing. Weddings can be stressful so if you have someone who is willing to bring their creativity to the table as well as be true to your vision that will make things so much easier.

While you are trying to select the best florist do not base your decision solely on price. While you may think the best is the most expensive, that is not always the case. Check for customer reviews of the shops so that you can get a more complete picture of what is available to you. You most certainly have a price range and you might be surprised to find someone that can work well with even the smallest budget.

Once you’ve narrowed it down your selections, you want to make sure that the florists you have chosen has time to sit down with you and help you with your vision. You might know exactly what you want, if that’s the case you want to sit down with your choice and make sure she can achieve it. You need to make the flowers you have chosen are available during the season of your wedding and that they fit your budget. If not, your florists should be able to give you new options and alternatives.

A florist could make or break your wedding day. You want to do your research and make sure you have the best florists possible for your big day.

Florists, Houma residents, can help you prepare for your wedding day. Find the right one using .

A Flower Vase For Your Picnic Table

Do you love to conform? Do you like to do the things everyone else does and do you buy cookie cutter products that look exactly like everyone else’s? Take your picnic table for instance. Are you stuck with a ho hum, blah patio table and umbrella that looks just like all the others on the block? If so, picnic table umbrella vase may be just the thing to lift you from the doldrums and set your patio apart from the crowd.

Have you noticed how difficult it is to place a beautiful centerpiece on your patio table? It’s tough to do with that unsightly umbrella pole sticking out of the hole in the middle of the table. Short of painting wildflowers on the pole itself, or offsetting the decorative table centerpiece to the side of the pole (which, of course, makes it no longer a centerpiece, but an offset piece), it is tough to place ornamentation on an umbrella patio table somewhere that looks good. Even if you do put some kind of decoration on the table, it wastes scads of useable table space. Since space on an umbrella table is usually at a premium, most decorations waste whatever limited space you do have. Is there a solution? You bet your floral arrangement there is. The solution is picnic table umbrella vase. This is a unique way to decorate for those family meals outside this summer.

This specially designed flower vase is so simple in its design, yet so useful and visually appealing; it’s surprising that no one has come up with such a wonderful creation before this time. The vase has separable halves that fasten easily around the umbrella pole on the table. You can then place your favorite silk, dried or freshly cut flowers in each half of the vase for the finest umbrella table centerpiece you’ve ever laid eyes on.

A picnic table umbrella vase is short so as not to impede round-the-table conversations or block your view. It comes in your choice of pleasing colors, and what’s even more important than that, it’s tough for the kids to break. It’s even dishwasher safe in case you have a little ketchup incident one day. And the many benefits of finding a cool picnic table vase don’t end there. You can fasten an interesting vase such as this to stair railing stanchions and other vertical poles to fancy them up to your heart’s desire.

Should You Put A Garden Fountain In Your Home

No matter which angle you are seeing them, having garden fountains is soothing to your soul. They resemble the nature and provide the opportunity to be at peace with it. Moreover, outdoor water fountains complement the beauty of your surroundings.

There are stone fountains that are perfect replica of real stones and rock. This type of outdoor water fountains is excellent for landscaping complete with waterfalls. There are also solar fountains that are environment-friendly. They do not require cords to make it functional. All you have to ascertain is the solar panel to be at the place where it gets the most sunlight.

Another type of garden fountains that are as breathtaking as natural waterfalls is the tiered fountains. It allows water to flow from the highest tier down to the lowest. In selecting the right water fountain, four elements deserve consideration. These are the size, style materials and location.

If you have a large yard, complimenting it with water garden that corresponds to its size can be marvelous. Nonetheless, if the outdoor area is small or medium, you should not make it appear smaller by choosing big garden waterfalls. If the garden is really small, consider wall fountain. They take up the least space without compromising beauty and quality.

The style of floating fountains is crucial to the ambience you would like to present. Most designers would recommend picking the style that best describes your furniture. However, this is not always the case. It would be helpful, if you can blend the style of your garden fountains with the existing decors that you have.

Part of the dcor is the plants to complement your outdoor water fountains. The ideal plants are the ones that are tall especially for smaller yards. Flowering plants are better as well.

There are three common materials you can pick for your outdoor water fountains. These are stone, fiberglass and copper. If your priority is quality, price is not a hindrance. Stone fountains are the excellent choice. They offer strength and beauty.

Depending on the design and shapes, stone fountains are very heavy. They also come in different heights and sizes. If your style is tabletop fountain or patio fountains, stone garden fountains are to look for. Unlike other materials, this fountain does not chip over time. Moreover, you can choose the color that you want.

Fiberglass fountains are the most common. You can choose from Japanese styles to tiered designsall created in fiberglass. Its advantage is being lightweight, rendering it easy to maneuver, maintain and transfer to a new location. Fiberglass fountains resemble stone for its finishing touch. The advantage is its being fast to chipping due to sun exposure. However, it can be solved with water-proof spray for its finishing.

Copper fountains on the other hand offer durability. Some manufacturers add 20 more gauges of copper to supply the extra support essential to indoor water fountains. Nonetheless, for your garden, copper is a good material for your garden fountains.

Deciding on the location is the last consideration. There are indoor water fountains that can grace the interior of your houselike the tabletop fountain or wall fountain. Outdoor water fountains can come in various forms such as patio fountains and wall fountains. Whatever your choice is, Garden fountains are a great source of pride, joy and elegance.