Luxurious Fountain Pens Can Be Cost-efficient!

Despite what most people seem to think – fountain pens are not as expensive as they once were. When these first started getting really popular in the retail world they cost a few hundred dollars. But now you can find them to be quite inexpensive especially when buying from countries such as Europe and China. One of the main reasons these types of pens are so popular is because to write with them is like walking on air – its almost effortless.

This is also a fantastic option for those people that have problems with arthritis because you don’t have to “bear down” on the tip as hard. Personally for me, I love the way they write. It’s just a really nice look to it. Very fancy looking.

One thing I have always wanted to learn is Calligraphy and these types of pens are the perfect way to get started! Fountain pens are also known for their longevity. While pens such as ball points will need to either be changed or thrown out, fountains are known for lasting a lifetime – literally!

Many users also mention that fountain pens retain a sense of timeless elegance, personalization and sentimentality that computers and ballpoint pens seem to lack, and often state that once they start using fountain pens, ballpoints become awkward to use due to the extra motor effort needed and lack of expressiveness. There are a few different brands you might try to look out for when buying a fountain pen.

Some of the top brands are ones such as Pelikan fountain pens, Waterman Expert fine point fountain pen, and Picasso. But the styles vary by – you. You can go from really extravagant with something like the Pelikan Souveran to really plain like the Pilot 78G. Or maybe you like a Japanese flair, Marbleized, Gold, Silver, Pink, Brushed, Patted, Combed, Wispy, etc.

Your fountain pen can match whatever style you want. Personally I like the Leonardo Pen – its very classy but it also has that look that demands respect. These are all really terrific pens that can be found online and for a really awesome price! One thing I would suggest looking for is a store that specializes in JUST fountain pens and nothing else.

Or just pens and nothing else. These sites are the ones that are going to have to most variety and have the best prices for you. Also, as a side note – be sure to take a look at the “cartridge”. Some fountain pens include a cartridge like that of a ball point pen (tubing) while others will not.

You can even find some really old-time fashioned ones where you will actually dip the point into ink. Again, whatever you want – you can have! I really do suggest trying one of these out though. The writing is lovely and the amount of “pressure” it takes to write is like nothing you have ever known before!

outdoor artificial plants, faux hedges, fake hedges, artificial shrubs, artificial azaleas, artific

Through the years, outdoor artificial plants pride themselves in providing lasting appearance and beauty on your front yard. Professional garden designers and landscape architects used them as outdoor applications in barren locations and even in bare decks and patios. Albeit they are faux, they will not easily fade away if they are exposed to the sun and other elements because they are made of high-class materials impregnated with another ingredient for ultraviolet degradation. Fake hedges and artificial shrubs in various sizes and shapes can also add an extraordinary ambiance without the extra effort of live plants.

In some degree, these foliages bring everlasting happiness and enjoyment to the multitude of people. Their exquisiteness conveys specific messages and statements that will truly create an impact to the passersby. Aside from artificial azaleas, gardenias and geraniums, you can use the artificial vines as additional accents herded in hanging baskets and big planters.

Here are the suggestive ideas that can help you enhance the structures of your own flower garden.

1.) Create a scheme. It is imperative that you will meticulously plan the landscape of your desired garden for a magnificent outcome. If you want something perennial, you need to keep the foliages that bloom for all seasons like daylilies, bougainvillea, coreopsis, ferns and cone flowers.

2.) If you are living in a tropical area, it is an advantage to put artificial bougainvillea for a glowing atmosphere. They will look more vibrant if they are placed in aesthetic containers or planters.

3.) Putting an extra touch in your garden is not bad. Create an interesting curves or focal points that would be much more appealing to the eyes of the viewers. The mixture of stones, artificial azaleas and ferns in one spot will absolutely enthrall one’s attention.

4.) Regularly check the growing foliages on your garden. Hedges and shrubs will not look perfect if they are not properly trimmed.

5.) Use colors effectively. Don’t be afraid to always play with the color because they can give your yard a romantic and lively appearance. Artificial vines on , faux the trellis blended with bushes on artificial boxwood can give a feeling of excitement to your neighbors.

6.) Maintain the freshness of the plants. Your visitors will be delighted to touch and smell the blooms up close.

7.) Fill your place with the fragrance of flowering foliages. Aside from their smell can relax your baffled mind, they can help your garden feel even cozier and more comfortable.

8.) If you are a busy person and you want a place for relaxation, you can simply put some sheets of lattice on your deck or install fake hedges on the side wall. They can absolutely increase the level of privacy.

9.) For extra effect and outdoor-friendly mode, you can add some good-looking furniture that goes with your landscape.

10.) Apart from using faux hedges as protection from the blistering heat of the sun, you can expertly arrange the artificial azaleas or bougainvillea in hanging baskets and mounted them on your deck or balcony.

There are lots of valuable ideas and techniques available in the internet on how to customize your own yard. You can also buy some books that talk about home improvements, gardening and landscaping. Through these resources, you can think of better ways in transforming the old setting of your garden into a modern courtyard.

Composting At-Home for a Healthy Garden

Composting Requires Some Equipment

You do need to spend some money to get started with composting, but once you have all the essentials, you’ll only be spending money on some soil intermittently. Here is what you need to get started:

Yard space
Kitchen Compost Bin

First and foremost, you want to make sure you have the yard space to keep a composter. No, you do not want to compost indoors, even if it’s your garage. By doing a quick search on Amazon, you can see the different types and sizes of composters. While there are several different types, we’ll be focusing on two: Classic and Tumbling. “Classic” refers to the big square black composters with a removable lid and vents. “Tumbling” composters refer to round composters that sit on a base and may be rotated. Both are made of heavy-duty plastic. Either type can get you high-quality and nutrient-rich compost, but you’ll want to go with the one that is the best size for your yard and fits your budget.

Now the question is how to get your fruit and vegetable scraps to the composter. By purchasing a countertop compost bin, you can have a convenient place to collect stems and other raw fruit/vegetable waste. When it’s full, you just take on out to the composter.

Another good item to have on-hand when composting at-home is a bag of soil. Compost should never ONLY be fruit and vegetable waste, otherwise you just have goop. Every week or two, you want to add two to three trowels full of soil. If you have a classic composter, just spread a thin layer of soil on top. If you have a tumbling composter, add the two to three trowels full and mix it up.

What to Compost

Now that you have all the tools, it’s time to get into what you should be putting into your composter. Here is a list of items you should be composting.

Raw fruit scraps, like leaves and stems.
Raw vegetable scraps, like leaves and stems.
Used coffee grounds.
Used tea leaves. Note, this is tea “leaves” not tea “bags.”
Spoiled fruits and vegetables. Just make sure to remove any sticker labels that may still be on them.
Dry leaves.

If you stick with these basic tips, you can make nutrient-rich compost that will give you happy and healthy vegetables and/or flowers! You’ll want to work on your compost for a couple of months before it’s ready to be mixed into your garden soil.

Feelings And Flowers-what Magic Flowers Can Do

Flowers for your beloved:
Several newly wedded husbands or fiancs have to go abroad for jobs or studies. The relationship of love that they have with their wives or fiancs needs expression. The best way to express ones feelings of love and romance is to have flowers delivered at their doorstep. The fragrance of flowers reminds people of their loved ones till the flowers remain fresh. Many people even dry up the flowers and keep them in the pages as memories of their times without each other. The best way to give your loved one surprise is to have them flowers delivered through the florists.

Send flowers where you cant reach:
Florists are the best way to send flowers to people where you cant reach on time. All those people who are out of the country due to job or studies and their loved ones suffer some kind of sickness or accident, due to different reasons when they can’t be near them, flowers can make their loved ones feel special. Flowers make sick people feel fresh. The beautiful fresh colors make them feel lively and closer to life. They feel that their loved one may not be near them but at least an effort to make them feel special and important is being made.

The florists make attractive bouquets that make flower lovers just fall for them. All the flowers are so fresh and their sweet smell is highly tempting that one just has no control over his feelings in picking up the bouquet and placing it very close to him. Bedrooms and offices are the best place to keep special bouquets as one usually stays with them most of the time and the sweet smell can be taken on more and more. Having flowers near to humans makes them near to nature. Being close to nature makes one aware of God all the time and in times of depression flowers make one feel blessed. Nature, color and sweet, enticing smell of beautiful flowers make life colorful for most of the people.
Flowers leave a magical effect on all and all those people who have been trying to win hearts in different ways can now easily do so by using flowers. One needs to be careful as not to send fresh flowers to anyone who is allergic to them. However plastic and artificial flowers are always a good option. They might not give out a sweet smell but they would definitely add freshness and colors to the surrounding. The feelings can still be portrayed through flowers may they be natural or artificial.
Flowers are sent on special occasions like Valentines Day, birthdays, weddings, new baby, get well soon, etc.

Many events light up themselves with flowers just as a woman beautifies herself by different ornaments. Due to its everlasting blossom and bloom, people love to decorate their upcoming events with natures diamonds like flowers. Flowers are neutral so they suited every event or festival, marriage or funeral, party or meeting, reception or entryways, middle-class societies or the palaces of highly sophisticated royals. Because of this, florists find it suitable to deal in or raise flowers as they generate them maximum profits. It is a business that does not require any qualification or capital; it needs a good understanding of the life of flowers. Fresh picked and fragrant, edible flowers can make a tasty, aromatic and colorful addition to your plate. In other words, flowers can turn a bouquet into a banquet!

flake Flowers Make Cross-country Course Safer.

Silk Flowers Make Horse Trials Safe and Beautiful.”

Silk Flowers and artificial greenery do more at cross-country events than make them look pretty. Course builders, designers and organizers all know how important they can be. One course builder is really stepping up his game and embracing the use of fake brush and flowers. His name is Bert Wood. He is master of the chainsaw, tractor and fake brush.

Bert has had the privilege of building in England under some of the biggest names in the sport. While there, he noticed the use of hedge material and artificial flowers was a safety feature, not just decoration. Being from the West Coast, Bert does not always have the luxury of being able to cut brush from a nearby source. Cutting brush is a large cost to everyone that can be lowered by using artificial brush.

Bert also expressed frustration with the silk flower buying process. We used to buy flowers at big box stores exclaimed Bert. He went on to say how he now buys through Geranium Street Equestrian Supply because it is cost effective and easy. I just call Bob-the flower guy now He said. Dressage flowers are also an important part of the show. They also help horse and rider establish special relationships.

Mr. Wood explained how ground lines on cross-country courses can make the jump easier for the horse and rider. Colors, spacing, and height can all make a difference in how a horse jumps. Grasses are becoming more popular because they last a long time and are made of plastic. Bert even places some type of plants inside the water jumps to make them look more real. His recent work on the advance course at Galway Downs really looked great and jumped well.

Bert went on to talk about new types of materials being introduced to Horse Trials. Fake brush is really becoming big he said. He also commented on plastic trees for spacing under jumps and how they dont need to be watered. Plastic grasses, artificial hedge material and water lilies were all used at the latest show. Bert is now a master of more than just a tractor and chains saw. He is also the new master of the fake plant.

Mont Blanc Ball Point Pens

Mont Blanc pens originated in Germany around the turn of the 19th century. Back then in its early beginnings it was known as the Simplo Fuller pen company but it soon went on to change its name and become known as the Mont Blanc and then on to Mont Blanc International GMBH. While this company does design and manufacture a wide range of luxury goods and fashion accessories it is perhaps best known for its exquisitely crafted pens.

The Development Of the Ball Point Pen

For decades since its inception Mont Blanc manufactured fountain pens exclusively. However; it wasn’t long after the development of the ball point pen that Mont Blanc began making it available in many of their styles. One little known fact about ball point pens is that when they were first invented and brought to market, the new technology was quite expensive. In fact when factored for inflation the cheapest plastic ball point pens available in their early year cost around $150.

The Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Pen

So with that bit of information in mind, at around $300 the Mont Blanc Meisterstuck could figuratively still be considered quite a bargain. This handcrafted pen is created from deep black precious resin and features three gold plated rungs and gold plated clip. Launched in 1924, this Mont Blanc ball point pen continues to this day to be one of their top selling pens.

The Mont Blanc Star Walker Pen

Another very popular Mont Blanc ball point pen is their Mont Blanc Star Walker that is also made from fine precious resin and features a number of elegant design touches such as highly polished chrome plated fillings. The price on this pen is higher then on the Meisterstuck but it does vary depending on which particular type of Star Walker you select.

The mont Blanc Etoile de Mont Blanc Pen

The Mont Blanc Etoile de Mont Blanc is a bit more expensive then the two previously listed pens. In fact this Mont Blanc ball point pen will set you back some $800. Even so, enough people determine that the pen is well worth it, because it remains to this day to be a popular selling Mont Blanc pen.

How Much Can You Spend On a Mont Blanc Ball Point Pen?

The fact is that if you wanted to, you could easily find a Mont Blanc ball point pen listed in their online catalog as selling for some $100,000. It’s their most expensive pen and comes completely encrusted with diamonds from top to bottom. Even so, that still isn’t the most money that can be spent procuring a Mont Blanc pen. Thats because some of their antique pens that are in the hands of private collectors can and do cost substantially more than that.

Constructing Your Garden Pond – Basic Pond Building Steps

So you have decided to build a garden pond? Congratulations! With a little bit of time, effort, and money you can build a pond that is both beautiful and functional. Below you will find a checklist of what needs to be done to construct a garden pond in your backyard, as well as a list of additional things that you will want to consider when designing your pond.

The Basics

Step 1: Design/Plan your dream pond. This step in the process is not one to be taken lightly. You need to decide the best place to put your pond, how big you want it to be, the shape/depth, whether you want fish or not, and many other details. Changing your plan mid-construction will likely cost you both time and money. Write down all of your ideas and create a list of the things that you want your pond to have, and what you could do without.

Step 2: Outlining your pond. You will want to use a garden hose, or twine and stakes to outline the general shape of your pond. Double check to make sure that it isn’t in the way of power or water lines, and is away from overhanging trees or other environmental hazards.

Step 3: Start Digging. This is the most labor intensive part of the process. You can either dig the pond yourself, or hire someone to do it for you.

Step 4: Line your pond. Depending on the type of liner that you choose, this can be a simple or a complex procedure. If you use a PVC liner, it is simply a matter of getting the liner in place and smoothing out bubbles to make it conform to the shape of your pond. Fiberglass and concrete linings (which are more durable and long lasting) require more prep work.

Step 5: Finish up the liner. If you are using PVC lining, you will want to leave a couple of inches around the edge of your pond for rocks and edging. If you choose fiberglass or cement, you will want to make sure that the application was completed properly, and your system is flushed ready for water.

Step 6: Decorate! Small and large rocks strategically placed around the outer rim of your pond will help conceal the liner and make it appear more natural. You can be as creative as you want with this process.

Step 7: Stock your pond. If you plan to put plants or fish in your pond, this is the time to do it. You will likely want to wait a while before introducing fish, and test the water often to make sure that the water levels are acceptable for supporting life.

Additional Items to Think About

If you follow the steps above you will have a simple garden pond to enjoy for many years to come! If you plan on having any fish or want to design a medium to large pond, you will also want to read up on filtration systems, waterfalls, and the various types of plant and animal life for your pond.

Natural na Lunas sa Kanser

Naniniwala ako na ang katawan, pag binigyan ng tamang kagamitan at sinamahan ng malakas na paniniwala, ay kaya nitong pagalingin ang sarili. Nakakalungkot na mas marami ang namamatay na tao dahil sa chemotherapy kaysa sa kancer mismo na siyang pilit inaalis ng chemotherapy.

May dalawang alternatibo at natural na produkto na inire-rekomenda namin na inyong saliksikin nang mabuti bago kayo magpa chemotherapy. Wala pang experimentong medikal na isinagawa sa alinman sa mga produktong ito o sa pinagsama ng dalawang produktong ito dahil natural ang mga ito at hindi pwedeng makakuha ng patente at sa ganoon ay walang komersyal na halaga kung kaya hindi interesado ang malalaking kompanya ng gamot. Kaya ang aming patunay ay pawang testimonya ng mga tao na tinaningan ng doktor nila ang kanilang buhay nang tatlong lingo pababa, mga taong gumamit ng kakaibang kombinasyon ng mga natural na produktong ito, na tuluyang nawala ang palatandaan ng sakit na kanser, na hanggang ngayon ay buhay pa, at patuloy na nabubuhay nang walang kanser. Karamihan sa mga doktor na humawak sa mga kasong ito ay di makapaniwala sa nasaksihan nila, sabi nila ay impossible, na di gumagaling ang kanser nang ganoon lang… at sinasabi nila na maaring nagkamali lang sila sa nauna nilang pagsusuri- subalit ang mga taong buhay pa hanggang ngayon ay buhay na saksi at testimonya sa katotohanan na ang kakaibang kombinasyon ng dalwang produktong pag pinagsama ay may nakakamanghang epekto sa pag tanggal ng kanser sa katawan.

1. L-Carnosine

L-Carnosine ang unang produkto; ito ay isang molecule ng magkakabit (depiptide) na dalawang amino acids Beta Alanine at L-Histidine. Ang sustansyang ito ay likas na matatagpuan sa ating katawan subalit kumukunti habang tumatanda ng humigit kumulang sampung porsyento bawat taon simula 30 taong gulang. Una itong nadikubre noong 1900 at ang mga siyentipiko ay di pa matukoy ang kabuoang gamit sa katawan bagamat nakikita ang malaking bahagi ito sa mekanismo ng pagkumpuni ng ating katawan. Noon 2005, sa isang pag aaral na ginawa sa South Florida College of Medicine ay napatunanayn na ang L-Carnosine ay nakakadagdag sa pagbuo ng stem-cells sa katawan; ang bumubuo sa katawan, mga cells na maaring mapunta sa ibang bahagi ng katawan kung saan ito kailangan. Isang pag aaral na ginawa noong 2008 sa Lomonosov Moscow State University School of Biology ay napatunayan din ang kakaibang kakayahan ng L-Carnosine na makadagdag ng bisa ng DOPA Therapy sa mga pasyente na may sakit na Parkinsons.

L-Carnosine para sa Pag gamot ng Kanser

TAKAL NG GAMOT SA BAWAT ARAW: Aming rekomendasyon na uminom nga 10 gramo ng L-Carnosine bawat araw sa pamamagitan na tinunaw sa isang litro ng mineral na tubig at inumin mula the bote tuwing kalahating oras sa mag hapon na ang huling patak ay inumin bago matulog. Maaring basahin ditto ang dagdag na kaalaman tungkol sa benpesyto ng L-Carnosine sa katawan at ang pambihirang katangian sa pagpapasariwa nga cells:

Sa unang mga pagsusulit, kapansin pansin sa isang pangkat ng normal at katamtamang laki ng cells na ang mga ito ay nagkaroon ng kanser cells. Mabilis ang pagdami ng mga ito. Subalit nang lagyan ng L-Carnosine ang malapit nang mamatay na mga cells, ang mga ito ay naging ligtas sa kanser cells! Sinubukan nila sa pitong klaseng kanser ng tao at lahat nang yon ay nagpakita ng parehong resulta. Lumalabas na kung gaano kahalaga ang L-Carnosine sa normal na mga cells- ito ay nakakalason sa mga kanser cells!

Ang L-Carnosine ay likas na matatagpuan sa katawan ng tao, kung kaya’t walang kontraindikasyon at hindi nagdadala ng mga masamang sintomas na hindi inaasahan (side effects), pawing magagandang epekto ang dala nito di tulad ng halos lahat ng resetang droga lalo na ng chemotherapy. Kung pipiliin mo pa ring magpa chemotherapy, mariin naming ipinapayo na uminom din ng L-Carnosine dahil sa katangian nitong protektahan ang iyong cells at para mabawasan ang pagkasira ng magagandang cells habang tinatanggal ang kanser cells.

Marami ang gumagawa ng L-Carnosine subalit hindi pare-pareho ang kinalalabasang resulta; ang iba ay hindi -bio-active-, ibig sabihin, hindi gumagalaw. Kaya para makasiguro ay gumamit ng Ethos Endymion na pinaka purong uri ng L-Carnosine sa buong mundo at garantisadong bio-active.

Ang papel ng Carnosine sa pagpapanatili ng kalusugan ng cells

Para sa karagdagang mga dokumento na makaagham, pumunta sa at hanapin ang katagang -Carnosine’ – may mahigit 1,500 na mga pag-aaral na dumaan sa pagsusuri ng mga kasamahan sa industriya, at lahat ay nagsasaad ng magandang benepesyo nito at walang may nagsabi ng masamang di-inaasahang epekto.

2. Marine Phytoplankton

100% Pure Organic Marine Phytoplankton ang pangalawang produkto: may mahigit 40,000 uri ng marine phytoplankton at ang mga ito ay mikroskopiko, mga organismong may iisang cell na nakatira sa karakagatan. Ang pangalang phytoplankton ay hango sa dalawang salitang Griyego: Phyton, na ibig sabihin ay tanim, at plankton, na ibig sabihin ay pagalagala. Ang Marine phytoplankton ay may dulot na enerhiya mahigit 400 beses ang dami sa ibang organikong may buhay, kaya ito ay mabisa at kompletong pagkain ng ating katawan. Nagbibigay ito ng lahat ng pangangailangan ng katawan para makabuo at tumubo ang malulusog na bagong cells at nagdudulot din ng mahahalagang kemikal para sa utak tulad ng serotonin at dopamine. Siguro narinig nyo na rin ang mga benepisyo ng omega-3-6-&-9 fatty acids at kung gaano kaimportante ang mga ito sa katawan, phytoplankton ang pinakamagandang paraan para makuha ito dahil madali itong sipsipin ng katawan kaysa sa galling sa isda at kaya nitong tawirin ang hadlang sa pagitan ng dugo at utak at ito ay higit na magagamit kung saan kailangan ng katawan (bio-available).

Marine Phytoplankton para sa pagpapagaling ng Kanser

Takal sa Araw-Araw: Inererekomenda namin na uminom ng di bababa sa 3 gramo ng 100% Purong Marine Phytoplankton; uminom ng 1g kalahating oras bago kumain dahil ito ang oras na pinaka walang laman ang tiyan. Mababasa ditto ang karagdagang magaling na benepesyo nito sa kalusugan:

Lalaking Canadian naniniwalang -kaya nyang talunin ang Kanser-

Kelly Barrows na makikita sa larawan sa ibaba, ay isang Kontratista ng Stucco mula sa lungsog ng Nanaimo sa isla ng Vancouver sa Canada at gusto niyang isalaysay ang kanyang kuwento sa lahat ng nag hihirap sa kanser ang tungkol sa kanyang kanser sa bituka na gumaling sa loob lamang ng mahigit dalawang lingo mula nang magsimula syang uminom ng 100% Purong Marine Phytoplankton

Isa pang Canadian Ron Hiles ay nanalo sa Kanser ?na pinatunayan ng kanyang doktor at CT Scans

Inaasahan ko, habang binabasa nyo ang mga ulo ng balita sa itaas, na magdududa kayo sa mga isinasaad dito. Ganoon din ang doctor nya sa Canada nang una kong sabihin sa kanya ang tungkol ditto sa kakaiba at napakabisang combinasyon ng mga produkto at ang kamangha-manghang resulta na nasaksihan namin sa mga taong gumamit nito; hanggang sa masubukan niya mismo sa kanyang pasyente na may kanser sa bituka na walang bisa ang operasyon; pagkatapos noon ay sumulat sya sa akin –

August 15th 2011

Hi Pete

Ang taong ito ay may kanser sa bituka na kung saan walang bisa ang operasyon.

Ginawa naming buksan at isara ang tiyan nito 3 buwan na ang nakakaraan.

Dapat ay patay na sya ngayon.

Gumamit sya ng phyto at carnosine

Kailangan pa naming ng dagdag.

Nagsisimula na akong maniwala say yo!


Sumulat sya sa akin noong 13th October 2011

Hi Pete

Ang pasyente kong may kanser sa bituka ay buhay pa at wala nang kanser na makita sa kanyang CT scan.

Nag kakaproblema sya sa namuong dugo sa kanyang paa at nangangailangan ng lunas para dito at sa sumunod na pagdugo ng sikmura at nangailangan ng pagsalin ng dugo.

Ang pamumuo ng dugo ay karaniwan sa kanser.

salamat sa patuloy mong interes.


Hindi pa sya tuluyang gumaling subalit buhay pa sya ganoong sabi nga doctor niya ay dapat patay na sya at ang kanyang CT scan ay nagpapatunay na wala na syang kanser.

Marami na kaming napagaling sa pamamagitan ng kakaibang kombinasyon ng produktong ito; lahat ay binigyan ng taning ng doctor nila ng di tataas sa tatlong lingo at lahat sila ay nakaranas ng ganap na kagalingan at sa nalalaman ko sila ay buhay pa sa ngayon. Ang mga pasyenteng nagamot na namin ay yong may kanser sa suso, sa tyan, bituka, lalamunan, obaryo; kaya tila mabisa nga ito sa iba-ibang uri ng kanser.

L-Carnosine at Marine Phytoplankton ay may dobleng bisang panlaban sa kanser. Ang L-Carnosine ay pinipiling lasunin ang mga kanser cells habang pinababata at pinaparami ang mabubuting cells.

Baka gusto nyo ring mapanood itong makabagbag damdaming kuwento tungkol kay Tom Harper, isang magsasaka ng molusko sa kanlurang baybayin ng British Columbia sa Canada, na syang uang naka tuklas sa epekto laban sa kanser ng Marine Phytoplankton, pagkatapos nyang malaman sa kanyang doctor na sya ay may bihirang klase ng kanser na tinwawag na mesothelioma na kanser sa baga.

Puntahan nyo ang aming Marine Phytoplankton website at i-click ang link sa kaliwa bandang kalahati pababa kun saan nakasulat: Watch the DVD – Click Here

nasa ilalim ng larawan na ito ng -Another Day’ DVD.

Ang isa pang nakakamanghang di inaasahang epekto sa kuwento ni Tom ay ang tuluyang pag galling ng kanyang diabetes at ganoon din ng kanyang kaser at siya ay ilang dekada nang binibigyan ng 26 units ng insulin bawat araw para sa kanyang diabetes.

Marami ang tagagawa ng Marine Phytoplankton at hindi lahat ay 100% purong pulbos ng phytoplankton. Ang iba ay may halong mas murang sangkap pampadami. Dahil sa kakatwang regulasyon sa pagtatak, ang mga tagagawa ay nakakapaglagay ng 100% Pure Marine Phytoplankton sa kanilang tatak kahit sa katunayan ay kaunti lang na 100% Pure Marine Phytoplankton ang laman nito. Isang nangungunang tagagawa ay nagsasabi na ang kanilang produkto ay -100 Puro- subalit pag binasa mo ang tatak sa likod ay nakalagay na bawat 500 gramo ng kapsula ay naglalaman lamang ng 50mg ng 100% Marine Phytoplankton at 450mg ang sa ibang mas murang sangkap. Kaya mag ingat sa pagbili ng Phytoplankton. Ethos Marine Phytoplankton ay garantisadong 100% Puro Marine Phytoplankton na pulbos at walang binawas o dinagdag na pampadami. Ito ay nakapaloob sa kapsula na walang karne (vegetarian) at kung mas gugustuhin ay maaring bumili ng 100% purong pulbos. Nga lang ito ay may kakaibang lasang parang isda kaya ako mismo ay mas gusto ko ang kapsula

May kasabihan, isang onsa ng pag-iingat ay mas mabuti kaysa sa isang librang lunas’, at ang mga produktong ito ay parehong may katangiang pagpigil sa sakit at marami pang magagandang benepisyo sa katawan katulad ng pag pigil sa pag tanda, pag papasariwa at pagpadami ng cells, paglaban sa mga karamdaman, at pareho silang nakakatulong sa katawan sa natural at pangkalahatang pag galing. Sa mga taong walang seryosong karamdaman, ang rekomendasyon naming para sa pagpanatili ng kalusugan ay 1g hanggang 3g ng L-Carnosine bawat araw, depende sa bigat at di bababa ng 1g Marine Phytoplankton bawat araw.

Bagong Bakuna laban sa Kanser Maliwanag Abot-tanaw na Lumilitaw?

Ang mga tagasaliksik tungkol sa kanser ay may pagaaral tungkol sa mole rat (Heterocephalus glaber), larawan makikita sa ibaba, ito ang kaisa-isang buhay na nilalang na di tinatablan ng knaser. Ang tao ay may likas na panlaban sa kanser at pag ito ay nasira, ang kanser ay magsisimulang umusbong at tumubo nang napakabilis, subalit ang mole rat ay hindi lang isa kundi dalawa na magkaibang protekson na mabisang pumipigil sa pag usbong ng kanser. Hindi lang ito ligtas sa kusang tumutubong uri ng kanser pero ito ay hindi rin tinatablan ng kanser na sapilitang pinapatubo sa katawan nito sa eksperimento sa laboratoryo.

Ang More Rat – larawan sa kagandahang-loob ngWikipedia Ngayon na nadiskubre na ito ng mga tagatuklas, hindi na magtatagal bago nila ito magaya sa mga tao at makagawa sila ng bagong bakuna panlaban sa kanser na mag tutuldok sa nakamamatay na sakit na ito. Inaasahan din ito na maging susi tungkol sa ating pagtanda dahil ang nakakulong na mole rat ay umaabot ang buhay hanggang 31 taon, hindi gaanong nagpapakita ng sintomas ng pagtanda at kayang manganak hanggang sa hulling sandali ng buhay nito. Samantala, habang tina-trabaho ng mga dalubhasa sa agham o siyentipiko na hanapin ang susi sa pagiging ligtas ng mole rat sa sakit na ito, ang kakaibang kombinasyon ng dalawang produkto na tinalakay ko sa itaas ang pinakamainam na alternatibo sa pag gamut sa kanser na natuklasan sa ngayon.

Para sa dagdag na babasahin tingnan ito:

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Table Fountains

There are many styles of table fountains. Some operate on standard house electricity of 110 volt, and some are battery operated.

The can be found made from copper, slate, ceramic, stainless steel, granite, and many other materials.

Whether the fountain is used a table fountain or a desk top fountain, it will give the soothing sound of running water and make a great conversation piece when company comes to visit.

Some table fountains are designed to be used outdoors as well as indoors, and accent the decor of any office or home.

The Pouring Bucket Copper fountain is handcrafted using 100% recycled copper, has an adjustable pump and looks like an old style water hand operated pump. The water flows from the pump into a copper bucket.

A Water Bell fountain has chimes and bells and the sound of a bubbling brook as water bubbles through 2 center bells and into a copper basin.

The Magical Tabletop fountain is a ceramic fountain and the water flows from the bottle to cover stones which are in the basin. This is another fountain that is handcrafted, 14 inches high by 16 inches wide. And can be found in seven different colors

A Slate Steps fountain is made of natural slate, 22 inches high by 10 inches wide by 12 inches long. It has a light attached at the top which lights the fountain.

Another popular table fountain is one that is made of stainless steel and has 3-tier slate. The water flows from a stainless steel spout and over the slate. It is 30 inches long by 14 inches wide by 14 inches high. The fountain is handcrafted and the shape, natural texture and colors vary between fountains so that each fountain is different from each other.

The Foshan Chimes Tabletop water fountain adds the soothing sound of water to the sound of chimes as the water flows over the chimes and into the basin to be recycled. A light in the basin illuminates the water and adds to the beauty of this one of many table fountains. It is 10 inches long by 6 inches wide by 19 inches high.

An Alpine Eternity Bamboo Slide fountain can be used indoor or outdoor. It has a six foot cord which allows it to be placed where the most effect of the soothing sound of running water can be the most effective. It is a combination of bamboo and stone which is achieved through the use of resin materials used to make it.

Bronze Garden Statues

Choosing a garden statue can be a challenge if you are not sure what type of material you want your statue to be made of. Other factors to consider include price, size, whether your garden statue will be used as an indoor or outdoor display and if you want the statue to be permanently placed or moveable. Bronze garden statues are a great way to accessorize an existing garden or to start building a new garden that is centered around the statue. There are many different types of garden statues but none quite the same as bronze garden statues. The difference between bronze and other materials is that bronze allows for detailed etching design and duplication of whatever design you choose if creating a custom statue. Bronze tends to offer a degree of beautiful detailing that is not replicated with the use of some materials.

Bronze garden statues can recreate the look of an antique surface for various styles and shapes and is often found in angels and other figurine type garden statues. For those who love garden statues of children, bronze materials allow for creation of garden statues which demonstrate colorful detail such as the folds of childrens clothing and buttons or zippers on their pants and shirts.

Bronze works well in indoor and outdoor gardens and given a beautiful appearance of a polished finish that wears well year after year without the maintenance that statues made of other materials require. Bronze garden statues are perfect for animal shapes such as ducks, rabbits and swans. Bronze is also excellent for recreating a polished finish for all weather statutes fashioned like small shrubs that never watering, fertilizing or trimming.

If you are looking for a long lasting material that is relatively easy to clean and can be fashioned in several shades, bronze garden statues are a good choice. Bronze garden statues can be made into creative designs and are particularly popular in religious pieces such as angels and other garden statues which include fountains. A small garden statue can be the perfect gift for someone who is just started off their garden or for the accomplished gardener who has an assortment of flowers and decorative items but no garden statue.

Another feature that makes bronze garden statues a good choice is their price. Some lawn and garden retailers carry readymade bronze statues that you can purchase right off the shelves. Many manufacturers have web sites where you can place an order for a custom made bronze garden statue if you wish. Either way, a bronze garden statue can make a great gift or perfect addition to the garden that has almost everything.

Bronze garden statues are made of a durable material that is capable of withstanding many different types of elements but if you are placing your statue in an outdoor garden, be sure to take note of any recommendations that address elements such as direct sunlight, extreme heat and extreme cold so that your statue has the longest possible garden life.