How Is A French Bead Flower Made

Virginia Nathanson, one of the “founding mothers” of French bead flowers in America, asked the same thing when she first saw some breathtaking arrangements of these flowers in Bonwit Teller’s gift shop in New York City a few decades ago. Ms. Nathanson used a remarkable method to find her answer: She purchased one of the larger arrangements, took it back home, and took all the flowers apart. She broke apart the sprays, unwound all the wires and examined all the materials used. By this drastic forensic method, Ms. Nathanson learned all the techniques. She would go on to teach the making of French bead flowers for decades. Wanting the knowledge she had gained to reach a wider base, she wrote one of the first series of pattern books to be published in the U.S.

You don’t have to deconstruct existing flowers to learn the methods, however. I can give you the basics right here. There are many different techniques; what I will describe for you for the flower petals and leaf is the “basic” technique, because the center of each petal or leaf is made on what is called a “basic row.” What you’ll actually be doing is making a basic row, then making circles around it with more beaded wire. The flower’s center will be made with what is called the “continuous loop” technique.

You need seed beads, 10 or 11 gauge. I use them from “hanks,” which are comprised of 20 strands of 12 inches of beads, tied together at the tops or ends. You’ll need some in your flower color and about half as much as that in green. You also need wire. Wire that is matched to your flower color is best, but if you can’t find wire the same color as your beads, use gold or silver colored wire. You will also some green wire for the leaves. This wire should be 24 or 26 gauge. You will also need a roll of green floral tape. You can get these materials in local craft stores. If beads strung on hanks are not available, buy a large bagful; a vial will be too few.

Begin the project with your flower color, in both beads and wire. Move the beads from the hank or bag onto the wire. You can just pinch them off the string and transfer them onto the wire if that works. Curl or “crimp” the end of the wire so the beads don’t fall off.

Move an inch or so of beads to within three inches of the end of the wire on the spool. Make a loop of the wire under these beads, and twist the top of the loop a few times. Make the basic loop quite long – make it six inches at first. You will use the loop wires for your flower stem when you’re done.

Now comes the interesting part. Feed in enough beads from the spool until they are touching the “basic” row beads above the loop. Fit the new beads upwards along the first set of beads so the new beads fit very snugly. Leaving no room for the “basic row” beads to move at all, wrap the spool wire straight across and around the wire just above the “basic row”. Now invert the whole piece. Repeat this process of feeding beads, tightly fitting in and wrapping until you have seven rows (counting from side to side across the front of the piece). Be sure you finish the last row at the bottom of the piece, where the loop is. Wrap two or three times to finish the final row.

Wrap some empty spool wire diagonally down the wires of the loop. Cut the bottom of the loop open and cut off the spool wire at the bottom. Cut off all but a little “nib” at the top of the piece, where that extra wire is. Bend the “nib” over onto the back of the piece, where you wrapped the spool wire. There! You’ve made your first petal!

Repeating the process exactly, make four more petals just like this one.

To make a leaf, repeat the process with the green wire and beads. Feel free to make more than one leaf if you like.

Make the center of the flower with some green beads on green wire. Move twenty to twenty-five beads to within two inches of the crimp on the end of the wire. Make a very tight self-loop with these beads. Pinch the loop quite tight so it stands up straight. Leaving just a little wire free, move along the wire and make an identical loop. On the same length of wire, make approximately ten to twelve of these self-loops. When they are done, cut the wire off the spool. Bunch these loops together and twist the wires together.

Wrap the stems of each piece. This adds stability and “tooth” in the finished flower. Here’s how: Stretch a length of tape until it turns a lighter green than unstretched tape. Securely wrap the end around the top of the collected stemwires. Turn the tape diagonally down the stem and turn the piece so that the wires are covered completely with tape all the way down. Be careful of overlapping the tape too much; you don’t want a thick stem. Keep stretching the tape as you work; stretching is what activates the wax in the tape and makes it stick. Tear the tape off at the bottom of the wires.

When all the pieces are taped, you can assemble them. Take the flower center and start the tape wrapping straight around the stem just under the beading. Complete 1 1/2 wraps. Then add a petal with the right side, which is the front, facing the center. Make another 1 1/2 wraps. Add the second petal in the same fashion. Repeat this until all the petals have been joined. Just as you did before, turn the tape about 45 degrees down the stems. Wrap for about an inch. Now add in the leaf or leaves. Continue wrapping all the way down to the bottom of the wires, and tear the tape off. Shape all the parts like a real flower.

You’ve just finished your first French bead flower! Good work!

Indoor Water Fountain Maintenance Guide

Indoor fountains are the best stuff for home and office dcor. Apart from adding beauty to the homes and offices, there are many health benefits too. However, when it comes to indoor fountain maintenance, there is both good news and bad news. The bad news is that without proper maintenance and care, these indoor fountains can turn into ugly objects that come up with many health problems too. Now coming to the good news- the indoor fountains are very easy to clean and does not require lots of regular maintenance. This article will fetch you some tips to make the maintenance of indoor water fountains quite easy.

Retarding and preventing Algae

The green algae growth is the major problem in any kind of water features. But when it comes to indoor fountains, there is nothing to worry about the growth of green algae. The indoor conditions will itself prevent the growth of green algae. However, if an indoor fountain is kept idle with water for a long period, there are chances of growth of the green algae. The fact is, stagnant water is ideal for the growth of alga. Hence its always good to keep the indoor fountain in action all the time. If the indoor fountain is to be shut down for a long period, it is advisory to drain all the water and keep it dry. This will prevent the growth of algae and also will kill other harmful micro organisms.

Vinegar for dissolving minerals and killing mosquito larva

Periodically cleaning the indoor fountain by adding little vinegar to the circulated water will dissolve any kind of minerals accumulated in the pump and hoses. Cleaning the indoor fountains with vinegar will also prevent the green algae from appearing. The major problem associated with the indoor water fountains is the growth of mosquito larva. This larva can also be killed by adding vinegar to the circulating water.

Use of distilled water to remove calcium and salt deposits

The calcium and salt deposits have the capability to damage the pump. Hence proper care is needed to remove them. Usage of distilled water is a perfect solution for this problem. Apart from removing the calcium and salt deposits, distilled water also retards the growth of alga and also prevents the growth of larva.

The indoor water fountains are very easy to maintain when compared to the outdoor ones. The outdoor conditions actually act as a catalyst for the growth of algae in water, while the indoor fountains need no algae care. The indoor fountains are also not subject to risks of the pump getting clogged with dust and dry leaves (which is a major problem when it comes to outdoor fountains). Keeping all the facts in mind, there is no reason for you to stay away from buying an indoor fountain. Get one today and add the beauty of nature to your room.

Why Solar Garden Lights Are Preferred By Most Landscape Artists For Garden Lighting

Before anything else, you have to know that the trend today leans more and more towards the use of solar technology in garden lighting projects. The reason for this growing preference is intimately connected to the fact that the technology for producing LED (low emission diode) bulbs which are used for solar lighting has managed to make that critical leap from being experimental to being satisfactory for ordinary use.

LED lights today have increased candle or lumen power

The LED bulbs we have today are capable of lumen (illuminating power of light, different from the glare of light) output closely approaching that of fluorescent bulbs. In fact, with the phase-out of incandescent bulbs currently ongoing, the only lighting options we may have in the near future are compact fluorescent lights and LED lights.

LED versus fluorescent lights

Led lights do not emit their heat. Even for use inside the house, they are ideal. Scientific studies have also suggested that fluorescent lamps may be harmful to human eyes because our eyes need to adapt themselves to the kind of lighting that these lamps produce. Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED bulbs do not contain poisonous mercury. Broken fluorescent lamps can cause wounds that won’t heal easily.

On the opposite side, fluorescent lamps are brighter than LED lights. However, the current brightness of our best LED lights is more than adequate for directional lighting uses.

LED lights are particularly suitable for landscaping

The characteristics of solar lights make them particularly suited for garden lighting.

First of all, because they are not connected to an electrical outlet, they may be rendered water-impermeable and made to float on garden grottoes and artificial ponds. They may also be used to illuminate the water in a pond from underneath without any risk of electrifying the water. Water-proofed led lights may safely be left outdoors without the risk of running a short from being rained upon.

Solar lights are directional. They are less ideal for lighting an entire room than for focusing light on a specific area. They are therefore, extremely appropriate for artistic lighting wherein the different colors of the lights should not diffuse into one another in order to depict faithfully the character of the artist’s vision.

They render colors in a more faithful way, especially when it is dark. This is in contrast to the effect of fluorescent lamps which tend to show objects with a starkness. Even at night, the natural colors of flowers can be distinguished although bathed in a slightly dimmer version of daylight.

As the temperature of the environment drops, the brightness of LED lights increases. This effect is precisely what is needed for lighting the outdoors at night. It also follows that solar lights are better suited for garden lighting during winter when they glow brighter. In fact, due to this characteristic of LED lights and together with their portability and water-proofing, they make the most ideal Christmas lights. And you will never need to worry that children will be electrocuted, even if they play with them.

Flowers Udon Thani

Udon Thani is a hugely popular area for flower delivery since this is a holiday town. Many guys have long distance relationships with ladies in Udon Thani so sending flowers to Udon Thani is big business. There are many Udon Thani Flowers shops which you can choose from and of course you can single out one over another however when choosing a flower shop be mindful that you should choose a Udon Thani flower shop that has been in business for many years. Consider using {Thailand Florist []} since they have been around for about ten years. Another quality Udon Thani flowers site is {Flowers Thailand []} who also have a wealth of experience in dealing with local flowers shops in Udon Thani. So whatever you want to send in the way of flowers, teddy bears, gifts, cakes etc make sure you carefully choose a reliable florist or flower shop in Udon Thani Thailand.

There are a number of Surat Thani Flowers businesses where you can order flowers online for delivery in Surat Thani and other areas in Thailand; however these flower shops in Surat Thani may simply be call centers and not have actual florists in Thailand. To be sure you are using a reliable florist for sending flowers in Udon Thani you should consider using Flowers Thailand since they have been in the flower delivery business in Thailand for many years.

If you want to send flowers in Udon Thani, you may ask yourself what is an appropriate romantic gift for your lovely lady who is so far away. Popular flowers in Udon Thani are red roses, of course as well as fragrant lilies. When sending flowers in Udon Thani consider where the person is receiving their flowers. If sending flowers to their home then a vase arrangement is great. If sending to their workplace then perhaps send a bouquet of flowers since these are more easily received and easier to carry home. A vase of flowers can be quite heavy for delicate hands.

Flowers Thailand have been advertising their Bangkok flower delivery business on Stickman site. You can see their {Bangkok Flowers []} ad as seen by Stickman readers every week. Stickman has long since been a recommender of Flowers Thailand and often uses the flower delivery service in Bangkok and Khon Kaen Flowers himself.

Flowers Thailand has a {Pattaya Flowers []} page where you can often find discount coupons and other offers for flower delivery in Pattaya only. Keep that Udon Thani Flowers page bookmarked and check back periodically to see if there are any discounts for flowers in Udon Thani available.

Great Flower Markets Of The World

The great flower markets of the world are evidence of the ability of man and nature to create beauty, tradition and a positive livelihood for many people. The sight of thousands of fresh cut flowers in one location with different hues and shades colouring the area creates a picturesque and lively setting, not only popular for locals but tourists alike.

The fresh cut flower industry has thrived in recent years. Online florists have enabled customers worldwide to send flowers to South Africa and other international destinations with the flower and gift services they offer. Floriculture is a major industry which creates many jobs and provides the vast majority of flowers sold by florists. Unlike the online floral industry, the great flower markets around the world have been operational for many years through tried and tested methods.

The Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam and Aalsmeer Flower Auction in Aalsmeer – The Netherlands
The Dutch have splendid displays of flowers all over the country, but the most striking are at the Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam and the world’s largest flower market, the flower auction at Aalsmeer.

The Bloemenmarkt is a floating market situated along the Singel canal in the South of the city. The market is a major tourist attraction and one of the most famous in Europe. It consists of 15 florists and garden shops as well as souvenirs and gifts. The market is constructed from flowers on houseboats which include tulips, a typically Dutch flower, as well as bulbs and other flowers. Bulbs can be taken home for planting and the market even sells Christmas trees in December.

The flower auction in Aalsmeer in the Netherlands features tulips, gardenias, roses, lilies and gerber daisies. All in all the market features nearly 13,000 different types of flowers! In fact, over 20-million flowers are sold each day from the Aalsmeer flower market. Customers buy flowers in the same tradition in which the market has operated for decades – by bidding in auction. The market is in full operation by 6.30am every morning on weekdays and bidding begins at 7.30am.

The market features a walkway which has been constructed over the market to provide visitors with a bird’s eye view of the bustling crowds buying and selling every type of flower imaginable. Motorised carts carry buckets of flowers across the market creating a beautiful scene which is constantly changing.

The auctions take place in specially designated rooms where potential buyers sit in rows and bid electronically as the carts carrying the flowers move across the room. Customers bid on decreasing amounts, unlike traditional auctions. When a seller sets their price for their product the price will decrease until a bidder makes an offer. The difficult part of the auction is making sure that a bid is not offered too early as the price will be higher, and to be careful that another bidder does not place an offer first as they will then get the flowers. The front of the bidding room features a screen which displays details about the flowers and a clock face which is indicative of the price of the flowers (12 o’clock being the starting price). Once the auction begins, the clock begins to move to indicate the decreasing price.

Columbia Road Flower Market – London
The Columbia Road Flower Market is situated in London, England. Set in a small street within the East End of the city, the market encapsulates English charm and pleasantry mixed with exotic, international products. The Columbia Road Flower Market began in the 18th Century when locals would trade goods from stalls alongside a cattle driving road which eventually grew into the successful and popular market in operation today.

The market features 52 independent shops selling fresh cut flowers. Pubs, Italian delis, antique and vintage shops as well as art galleries are interspersed amongst the many flower sellers. The market is operational every Sunday morning and has become a very popular place to relax and spend time browsing not only local flowers, plants, trees, shrubs and bulbs which have been grown in nurseries all over the country, but also imported blooms and bulbs from international locations. Exotic flowers are featured from all over the world. The market prides itself upon a love of flowers and its history and tradition.

The Bangkok Orchid Market (Pak Klong Talard) – Thailand
The Pak Klong Talard (‘talard’ means ‘market’ in Thai) is a fresh flower, fruit and vegetable market in Bangkok and is the largest fresh flower market in the city. Orchids as well as other flowers such as roses are sold throughout the night when the air is much cooler and more pleasant, allowing visitors the opportunity to view the flowers in comfort under fluorescent lighting. The best time to visit is in the evening or the early morning when trucks and boats on the Chao Phraya River deliver the flowers to the market as along with fruit, vegetables and spices. The busiest time is between two and three oclock in the morning!

The market has a wholesale and consumer area; the wholesale area can be found in close proximity to the river whilst the consumer market is closer to Memorial Bridge and is spread out across a few streets, namely Chak Phet Street and smaller side streets.

Although these incredible flower markets are situated across the globe, fresh flowers can be enjoyed without having to travel internationally. Online florists offer very reliable services which allow customers to order flowers online and choose from a wide selection of exotic and classic flowers arranged into aesthetic bouquets. Reliable international delivery services make online florists the perfect way to bring the vibrancy and jovial atmosphere of the world’s flower markets into any home.

A Florists World

How pleasant it is to enjoy the aesthetics of a vase full of colorful and aromatic flowers. Flowers are known to have positive effects on our moods, perhaps due to the fact that they are a living creation of art, and thus the bilateral relationship developed with their owner — flowers offer their beauty in return for their owners attention and watering. This living relationship is not the flowers sole relationship. Dont be alarmed, your darling flowers arent cheating on you! But your flowers have already shared a vital relationship with the florist, who decides which flowers to buy and where to buy them from, who takes care of the flowers even before they are in her possession, and who certainly leaves a personal touch on the flowers, using the talents of artistry and style to create a bouquet you wont want to take your eyes off. Thus, it is the florist who prepares your flowers for you — not only in the beauty of a bouquet, but also in the care that the flowers will expect us to continue giving them.

Thanks to todays leaps in technology, specifically communication and transportation, a flower growing in Mexico, for example, can be transported to France within the span of twenty-four hours. Of course, this seemingly simple statement involves a lot of work. A good florist will scan the world market for quality and prices. Naturally, flowers that can be bought locally will be, as they will have less distance to travel, and arrive at the florists shop quickly and safely. Since, however, freesias dont often bloom near London in January, a large quantity of cut-flowers do use their frequent flyer cards as they make the trip from this to that country, or this to that continent. Needless to say, extreme care goes into preparing these travelers for their voyage. When flowers are coming right from the grower to the florist, they are usually cut right before leaving for the airport (talk about last minute preparations!) and prepared in the trucks on the way to the airport. Flowers that retain water well are laid flat in boxes, while more perishable and exotic flowers are guarded by individual water holders on the stem. In this manner, the well-prepared flowers make their trip. Most flights for these delicate passengers will be extra cool to provide for a most enjoyable flight. Upon arriving, the flowers are transported to cooled trucks which take them to the florist. This exchange — directly from the grower to the florist — is ideal, as the flowers spend less time traveling from here to there, and the costs wont be increasing as the flower quality is decreasing.

The florist keeps track of the above-mentioned process to ensure the fresh and happy arrival of her materials. Upon receiving the packaged-up bundles of joy, the florist is like a new parent for a few minutes, unwrapping the flowers with utmost care, in order to get the flowers the nutrition and safety they need. However, during the caring and feeding, the florist will consider the new arrivals with much more scrutiny than would the parent of a newborn (or so we hope), checking for imperfections and making sure quality is first-rate. Once the flowers are cut to appropriate lengths and safely refrigerated in water, the florist communicates to the grower that all is well, and ideas are exchanged for future interactions. Communication is a large part of the florists job, and this conversation with the grower was certainly not the first, and will not be the last.

Ancient Greek Masks

Ancient Greek masks were as captivating and intriguing as the culture of ancient Greece itself. The history of these masks dates back to the times of early civilization, when man hunted for his livelihood. Early records of masked creatures, resembling animals, were either drawn or engraved on caves walls and portrayed in ancient art.

In ancient times, as the history of masks indicates, the resemblances were often worshiped, especially during hunting and harvest. Ancient people, particularly tribal, dressed themselves up in the likeness of animals in order to beget goodwill from them. They believed this led to triumphant hunts and plentiful harvests. Another reason ancient culture dressed up in masks was for purpose of fertility.

In movies and theatre, masks were extensively used to add depth to the drama. In the ancient Greek period, the symbol of two masks was used to represent comedy and tragedy – one delightful and the other mournful. In fact, the actors had to wear big masks to intensify their voices. The audiences loved to see characters that were tall and wore huge masks.

Artists and entertainers largely used masks to enhance their performances, as also their stage presence. They had the ability to become one with the character and reproduce this through appropriate physical action too. These performers put their individualism to one side and really merged with character. Masks were, and still are, particularly admired by children.

If you wish to decorate you home with historical fantasy, try using Greek decorating themes. Your personal collection of ancient Greek masks and other works of art will give your home a unique touch. You can also take the help of a professional, for putting up replicas of ancient Greek pieces of art in an admirable manner.

Ancient Greek furnishings work marvelously well for almost any room of your home. A hallway in a Greek theme, or a similarly set up living room, can be pretty inviting for the guests, the majestic way! For the bedroom, use a marble bed, an attractive Greek painting and an assortment of small figurines.

Ancient Greek masks look fabulous wherever displayed be it indoors or outdoors. Some of these masks can also be used to lend a unique appearance to a bathroom. You can try hanging a few small masks on the wall, and stately linens to give your washroom a style statement. If you look around, you will find that quite a few furniture or online store, with ancient Greek items as their forte can provide you with these brilliant decoration objects. The best part is that ancient Greek masks, figures and other such items are well within the reach of buyers who wish to experiment with their home dcor.

With a handful of granite plaques and masks, your plain and uninteresting deck or balcony can be altered wonderfully according to the perfect Greek ideas of decoration. One of two exotic fountains made of stone, and some excellent wrought iron furniture pieces look awesome! The ancient Greek masks adorning you house, a fire pit, some close friends and scrumptious Greek food would just be the things for a truly enviable party!

Sending Pink Flowers To Breast Cancer Survivors – Online Flower Shop

When you are sending pink flowers to breast cancer survivors – Online Flower Shop is one of the best options you have in finding various flower shops in which you can order flower arrangements.

Any kind of flowers including brightly colored flowers are right for those who survived the odds of breast cancer. In sending pink flowers to breast cancer survivors – Online Flower Shop has a huge database that includes six thousand local flower shops in different states. Send beautiful flowers to express your personal and special message. Flowers are best to represent every person’s triumph so sending pink flowers to breast cancer survivors – Online Flower Shop can be of great help. You can choose specific flowers that represent the personality of the survivor as well as how you feel about the cancer survivor.

Ordering and sending pink flowers to breast cancer survivors – online Flower Shop is easy because of its numerous florists included in their list. Flower shops have many variations of flowers perfect for cancer survivors. One of these flowers is daffodil, which is usually connected with the American Cancer Society. One of the fund raising projects of the American Cancer Society is the Daffodil Days. After the long cold winter, daffodils are one of the first flowers to blossom. Daffodils somehow represent the feeling of rebirth from the miserable winter.

The moment you find out about a difficult condition such a breast cancer, it is the same as a strong hurricane is approaching. As the tests and treatments continue, you feel like you have an uncertain future ahead. Moreover, as you make it through the healing process, you seem like coming into a sunshine with the sense of accomplishment. Sending daffodils is a great way to tell someone that you care and extend your heartwarming feeling towards the person.

Sending pink flowers to breast cancer survivors – online Flower shop is very appropriate because the color pink is often related with breast cancer as well as the breast cancer survivors. Their website is “Florist-flowers-roses-delivery”.

There are other methods in making your message with flower arrangements personal. You can choose different flowers based on their meaning such as birds of paradise, which is associated with joyfulness. Cactus on the other hand is a sign of endurance so it is also appropriate for breast cancer survivors. Red carnations are also perfect to send to breast cancer survivors because red carnations indicate admiration. Gerbera Daisy is the symbol of strength and purity while the Echinacea is also a symbol of strength. Palm leaves represent victory and lavender heather is for admiration.

These flowers can be sent singularly or in arrangement. You have to remember that Echinacea and Cactus are classified as potted plants, not flowers. It is recommended that you inform your local flower shop about the breast cancer survivor so that they can give you creative ideas in choosing the appropriate flowers to convey your feelings.

Ordering flowers online is always the best option if you are planning to send flower arrangements to a breast cancer survivor. There are different flower shops that honor the Breast Cancer Awareness month by making special floral arrangements.

The Omega Juicer Model 8005 – A Tremendous Meals Fountain

The omega juicer model 8005 has been out there within the US for some time nevertheless is new to the UK market. So what does it have to offer over its predecessor, the Omega 8003 (or the Oscar VitalMax, as it is called throughout the UK)?

It is claimed that the Omega 8005 is the simplest single-gear masticating juicer on the market today. I’ve used this every day for over week, and may say that I agree. In comparison with most other masticating juicers available on the market at this time, this machine has wonderful looks. Many people want to put their juicers away after use, nonetheless with the Omega 8005; you may be fully glad to go away it on show in your kitchen.

The Omega Juicer Model 8005 has been redesigned as an option to allow faster assembly, disassembly and cleaning. It additionally has a very new, Extra Sturdy GE Ultem augur constructed from hygienic U.S. FDA-licensed melamine. This augur is eight occasions stronger than the augur of the Omega 8003.

The deal with of the Omega 8005 is now utterly in-built to the machine. This allows for a lot simpler cleaning. The earlier model had a flip-up handle, which might be a bit tough to wash for individuals who managed to spill juice on it.

And as a sign of religion, the manufacturer now includes a 15-yr guarantee on this machine. That is the longest factory guarantee on the market for any juicer within the market today.

And the Waring Juicer Pjc44 is greater than only a juicer. It additionally has the subsequent makes use of:

* Makes child meals * Juices fruit * Makes frozen desserts * Grinds * Minces & Chops * Makes nut butters * Makes pasta * Makes soy milk * Juices greens * Juices wheatgrass

All in all, this is usually a great juicer and now takes pleasure of place in my kitchen. The is competitively priced at around $260.

Three Main Differences Between Wholesale And Retail Flowers

Typically, when one buys flowers at a grocery store or their local florist, they are buying the flowers retail. Retail bought flowers simply means you are a consumer purchasing on an individual level. This means you do not get a significant price break for buying a large amount of flowers and it also probably means you do not have a license to resell whatever it is that you are buying.

The retailers from whom you purchase your flowers will most likely have bought their flowers wholesale-which basically mean that they were price-reduced for having been purchased in bulk by a retailer with a license to resell them. Typically, this is how it works out. There are, however, exceptions to the rule. Nowadays, many wholesalers are choosing to sell directly to the public by cutting out the middlemen, or, the retailers.

So what is the difference between flowers that are bought wholesale and flowers that are bought retail? There are three significant differences. The first significant difference is of course the price. Wholesale flowers are typically less expensive because you do not have to pay the middleman, the retailer, for the extra step in the supply chain.

The second significant difference between retail and wholesale flowers is their level of freshness. As you already know, flowers only have a certain amount of time they are alive after they have been cut from their stems. This means that every day that they are separated from their stems is one less day that the customer will have to enjoy their freshness. Retailers purchase from wholesalers which adds somewhere around one to five days longer between the time the flowers are cut and the time the customer gets to enjoy the flowers.

The third significant difference between retail and wholesale flower purchases is the quality of arrangement you will receive. Since retailers specialize in selling to the public, they take great care in the presentation of their bouquets. Usually, their bouquets come arranged in a creative design and more often than not they also include a vase. Wholesale flowers typically are delivered in a box and are not arranged in an artistic bouquet.

While there are undoubtedly pros and cons to purchasing flowers retail and wholesale, nothing can really compare with wholesale fresh flowers as that can extend the life of your bouquet by several days. When customers find an opportunity to purchase their blossoms wholesale, they are smart to seize the opportunity as it is not often that customers are given that option.