Home-based Business Opportunityflower Garden

Flowers are constantly in demand. Even when there are no national holidays, people adore flowers. They buy almost everyday from the market or flower shops. If you are contemplating on starting your own home-based business, having a flower garden is perfect especially for the approaching summer.

If you have a small yard, you can convert that area into a flower garden. If you have a lawn, you can use that too. If the area is too small, you can maximize that by adding stepladders and cultivate flower plants on pots. You can also try hanging gardens.

If you have picked the right spot to start your flower garden, you need to fence it with wood or plastic material. Cultivate the land by plowing. You can also buy organic fertile soil from local nursery garden to enrich your existing soil.

You can check on the web on which flowers are ideal for hanging gardens and pots. You can also visit your agricultural office at your local government to help you decide on the flowers you will cultivate. Depending on your location, there are States that provide free seeds or seedlings along with orientation

If you have thought of this home-based business in winter, you can at least grow some flower plants from seeds and watch them bud into plants. However, if you are in a hurry, you can visit the nursery garden to shop for your full-grown flower plants or seedlings.

In planting your flower plants, ensure that each plant is one inch and a half apart from each other. Since there are different seasons in your area, you can suit your flowers according to seasons. The profits can also be increasing.

However, you need to carefully plan for this idea. You have to consider your soil. If your soil allows it to grow different flowers every year that would be alright. You can also consider annual flowers. If you think focusing on one or two seasonal flowers is the best, go for it.

After you have thought on the variety of flowers to plant, it is time to plan for their protection. You will need pesticides and fertilizers to prevent pests from eating your leaves and withering your flowers.

If you are a supporter of green earth, you can choose organic fertilizer and pesticides. You can either buy these products on the local store, or find an organization that hands out free organic fertilizers and pesticides. You can also try the website and do some research on how to prepare home-made organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Marketing your home-based business is not very difficult. There are hundreds of flower shops that need flowers everyday. Some florists even cater to clients who are overseas. Thus, they need regular supplies of flowers.

You can also start your own flower shop at home. You can set up a small booth within your front yard, and display some of your harvests. Put a signage on your fence that you are selling flowers.

Your neighbors would be glad to pay a visit to your home-based garden business. Vendors at the markets are also willing to buy your flowers. Grocery stores and shops can also display some of your fresh flowers.

Creating A Memorial Garden In Memory Of A Loved One

The healing force of nature can help release feelings of grief by creating a garden of memory as a living tribute to your lost loved one. Many people seek refuge in gardening in times of sorrow. For some, this simple act can bring a sense of balance in a chaotic world filled with stressful times. Gardening connects us directly with the cycle of life and allows us the opportunity to develop a memorial garden that is unique in style and devoted to paying tribute to a life that brought joy, talent, and fond memories. As the plants need loving care as they grow and mature, it gives the person caring for the garden time to contemplate on the life of their loved one. The memorial garden will also experience vigorous periods of growth and bloom, punctuated by quiet periods of resting and renewing-symbolizing the path that we all take.

Memorial gardens are designed be a place of reflection and peace, but also as a place to experience joy and pleasure that was experienced in the time and relationships that one had with the departed. The garden of memory can reflect your healing and the beauty of your relationship with your loved one as it matures and changes through the seasons.

If you’re wondering how to create a memorial garden, there is no ‘right’ way to do it-it can be tiny or large, a quite place to reflect or a grand expanse, even a single plant kept indoors or a garden of memorial stones and plants that fill a yard. However, you choose to memorialize your loved one, having a place to reflect on the loved one’s life can be healing and restorative.

The following are a variety of ideas that make a garden memorial something beautiful and honoring for your loved one.

Dedicating a space in your yard or on your patio to plant a perennial garden allows you to memorialize this special person through the loving language of flowers and plants and welcome the essence of life back into your world. In addition, setting up a birdbath, birdhouse, or feeder and welcoming butterflies with colorful blooms are further invitations to life by sharing yourself and giving back to nature.

Native trees, shrubs, and flowers can also be more easily trained and pruned. Because native varieties require less effort to grow and maintain, it is ideal for people who don’t want to spend lengthy amounts of time gardening. Furthermore, these options are magnificent for designing a larger memorial that may include a path with a memorial garden bench and various spots set for reflection, symbolizing the individual’s life journey, and represent a span of time.

Sometimes planting a tree in your loved ones memory can give the family a place to return to honor the loved one. Tree plantings can be marked with a tree dedication stone personalized with artwork and the departed’s name and dates.

You don’t have to have a large space to create a living memorial. For those without the room or the ability to create an elaborate, in-ground garden, a patio or indoor pot can be planted instead. A simple potted planting can be just as meaningful as more complex garden. This can be created easily by bending a wire coat hanger into the shape of a heart and securing it in potting soil. Then, plant a climbing vine that you can train to grow up the wire. Two plants are easy to train into a topiary form include Rosemary which symbolizes remembrance and English Ivy which represents friendship.

Memorial stepping stones, memorial garden plaques, as well as a statuary or garden memorial sculpture are other ideal ways to memorialize your loved one if you are limited in space because these items can represent your loved ones’ personality. Garden stones and garden benches can be used indoors or out, and are all loving touches in your sacred space.

Regardless of the memorial garden that you choose best represents your passed loved one, memorials can be used to heal, restore, and remember the time and life that your loved one spent on Earth.

How To Choose The Right Vase YeFlowers

For those aesthete, there’s next to nothing worse than visiting a nubile young beauty in ill-suited couture. Nothing, except perhaps a bouquet of flowers from a mismatched vase. The horror indeed!
While many people would likely avert their eyes from such instances of floral injustice, we’ll have some proactive way of measuring offering some top methods for picking the right vase.

Tip 1: Size matters rs

Thousands would argue differently, but we’re digging our heels in with this one. Trust us, you don’t need your flowers to be just as if they’ve borrowed their chubby cousin’s glad rags; neither if you happen to try and rewrite the storyplot of Cinderella and her sisters by forcing a chunky stem into a glass slip associated with a vase that’s clearly manufactured for more petite flowers. One slightly tired gerbera pouting originating from a slinky Coke bottle will look way more glamorous compared to a healthy several freesias drowning in the giant crystal trumpet.

Tip 2: It’s what you may have and everything you do along with it that counts

Whether you have been given a gift-wrap to a dozen roughly stems you will be arranging yourself, a sumptuous hand-tied bouquet wanting to plop inside a vase, a selection of tropical flowers or perhaps a single rose, you’ll want to consider your flowers carefully for anybody who is hoping to make a maximum-impact display.

Begin by studying the model of the flowers, and don’t be shy of leaping to logical conclusions. Tall stems such as gladioli really do like taller vases, and flowers with bare stems and an abundance of flower heads succeed in trumpet-shaped containers that come with a supporting collar to reply on with the neck.

Tip 3: Shape up or ship out

Slender, curvaceous or perfectly plump – you possibly can tell considerably within the character of your vase from its shape. Ensure that you help the whimsy of vessel, or your arrangement might run aground.

The column vase – Twiggy: Here is the no-nonsense tomboy of vases: perpendicularly and down, literally plus metaphorically. Just like the 60s supermodel, the Twiggy vase is well admired ready for its versatility. It can model most situations, but is best suited to modern, geometrical shapes and clean verticals. The long, straight lines belonging to the vase accentuate the height of taller, more architectural flowers, which look particularly remarkable generally if the stems are spiraled within the base.

We recommend using some tall flowers in bright colours offset with greenery, like citrus-fresh roses and antirrhinums and deep-blue delphiniums. Those shades and silhouettes definitely reveal a classy swingin’ sixties influence, making it an excellent match for the Twiggy column vase.

For anybody who is probably going to be displaying your arrangement in a very high-ceilinged room, place vase on a mantelpiece or windowsill to emphasise the peak of both room as well as the flowers. Additionally you can let the vase of flowers stand seductively as part of your entrance hall for the great welcoming effect – a bit like those pretty girls hanging for the doorway of Studio 54.

The hourglass vase – Marilyn: The goal wasn’t film stars who look wonderful with waspish waists. The Marilyn vase contains a subtle curve in the center, doing it a most voluptuous profile. Because it possesses a fairly narrow neck and is not as tall as being the Twiggy, this vase is particularly worthy holding fewer stems without the presence of flowers looking that they’re lolling drunkenly within the sides.

You are able to build a floral tribute to Ms Monroe which has a dozen peroxide-blonde roses in the white Marilyn hourglass vase. In this famous billowing dress, the American icon caused a stir wherever she went – stealing the limelight while dining parties, lounging gracefully beside a sofa, reclining within the bedroom, attempt to looking fantastic. You’ll be prepared to learn how the same is true in the Marilyn vase.

The world vase – Ella: This jazzy not-so-little lady of glass has the world by assuming its shape: a sturdy yet graceful sphere. Like Ms Fitzgerald, the Ella globe vase boasts soft curves and melodious proportions built down a goody anywhere that kicking back and relaxing really are a priority.
As any jazz great will confirm, you will find better activities than preening and pampering; to merely get instantly to enjoying the music. Well the same for those Ella globe vase, that makes it perfectly fitted to ready-made hand-tied bouquets that is lowered in without fuss to present instant delight.

Coffee tables, dining tables and any deeply dippy lowdown surfaces are working for Ella – this vase is the most suitable to smile on from on covering the rainbow, way up high. Our favourite freestyle combination is a a hand-tie of yellow calla lilies and safari sunset; the curve in the vase finishes off of the sphere of your bouquet, with all the narrow neck holding the flowers perfectly ready. Too marvelous for words…

But when you’ve chosen your vase, what next? Purchasing a one accentuates the beauty with your flowers is about the most difficult, but i am not saying you need to so simple as throwing the flowers straight in.

Tip 4: You want to keep flower heads above water

To start, you will have to increase water (room temperature is ideal, but occurs discretion if you will find a heatwave as well as your air-con is broken) and pour using flower food. The volume of water you have is perfectly up to you. Most flowers should be in nearly their ankles instead of their necks, but adding more water adds weight and stability in your arrangement. Weak hands water can you could make your arrangement look unfinished or neglected.

Tip 5: Ensure your flowers absolutely are a cut above

That’s where it might all go horribly wrong in the event you start engaged on a whim. Pulling off any stray leaves which will be below the waterline commonly be installed enough; it’s concerning cutting the stems that trouble can take place. One snip too much is the downfall off your careful planning this far.

We recommend placing your vase to the side of a table and after that holding each flower against its side, in order that the bottom with the stem extends below the table edge. Move the flower up or down as per what amount of from it you desire protruding from the the top vase, and then make the cut. A superb trick is to use the 1/3 vase to 2/3 flowers ratio rule for column or hourglass vases, and rehearse a 50:50 ratio with spherical vases.

This system not merely prevents disaster, but will also saves time – you simply will not be repeatedly placing each stem in just the ideal position with the vase only to pull it out again because it’s not the appropriate length.

Tip 6: Bring it and leaf it

If you’re new to flower arranging, begin with the greenery. Assemble the heavier, leafy stems in first then add the flowers, separately. Foliage is ideal for adding texture; try some heart-shaped monsteria, broad aspidistra or willowy twigs.

You may as well curl fatter leaves inside the clear glass vase, but this might get messy with frequent water changes (every 3 to 4 days is a great habit), and clean stems neatly placed will be beautiful au naturel, particularly to remain hand tied.

When you are stuck for inspiration, take into account that you will never fail which has a symmetrical arrangement. You could potentially even mirror the flowers you have by having a zygomorphic or actinomorphic pattern. Which can be a little fancy technique for saying you may earn your display radially or bilaterally symmetrical.

Tip 7: Take the mood

Shape is often as essential as colour for preparing a specific floral ambience. Lofty tropicals at a Twiggy vase look dramatic and modern while slinky gerbera stems in Marilyn’s curves are classified as the secret to a display option exact the complete opposite of fuddy-duddy. If at all romance you’re after, try armfuls of sumptuous pink lilies and roses inside a giant Ella, or relax with boho-style blossoms reclining from a smaller glass orb.

Tip 8: A final rule in vaseology

You’ll such as this one – unless you might be a pedant: once you know the policies, break them. Fiddle around, have a blast to check out what you are able put together.

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Information About Rose Flower

Roses are flowering perennials of the genus Rosa. You can find more than 100 species of roses, and there are countless subspecies and cultivars. Rose flower is undeniably fragrant and beautiful, and its fragrance is also among the most popular flowers in the world. Their fragrance and the beauty that they are famous for is what makes these flowers so highly sought after in all parts of the world. Most of the rose species are native to Asia, with a few native to Europe, Northwest Africa and North America. Rose flower vary quite a bit in size.

The most popular color is red as those flowers symbolize love and passion. In ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, they were associated with goddesses of love. Red roses are a favorite gift for Valentines Day and the flowers come in many different shades of red. You can find roses in other colors as well, such as: blues, whites, pinks and yellows (these flowers are often hybrid). Different cultivars have been developed to emphasize color, scent, shape, size and disease resistance, among many other attributes.

The edible fruits produced from this flower is called rose hips and many people believe the fruit has healing properties. An aromatic oil that is made by steam-distilling petals of rose, known as Attar of Rose, has been used by people as an element in perfumes for centuries. Almost all cut roses that are sold by florists today are the hybrid tea variety. Roses can grow as vine-like climbers or as bushes, and depending, the blossoms can set singly on its individual stems or also in clusters of up to a dozen on a single spray.

Artificial varieties of rose are abundantly available. They are used in displays in many homes. These favorites are often copied and then presented in a slew of different materials (often in silk material). Roses are reproduced more than any other flower.

Design Easy Garden

Landscape Element: Garden Pathways – A Gravel Garden Path

What was once average – gravel lawn paths – now become something far more. With the newer edging equipment, and in fact the heavy duty plastic path edging, ‘sexier’ curves and roundabouts become something other than a wrestling match and bleeding hands resulting in wrestling with steel or combined wood slices. We can presently place edging in that ways as to curve and meander along the more engaging lines which the best property employ. What results is a quite easier building which endures for an immense total of time. We can yet “seed” the gravel inside with whatever gravel elements we desire – from bits of color to uniform, compacted surfaces of limestone and “base rock” material which harden to a cement-like texture. These passages take us between our garden’s best elements – through the small hills and hummocks, around chosen shrubs and trees, revealing absolutely what the “next corner” wants to give to us. We then encounter new things, striking things, if we are good, which occupy our interest and our fondest gardening perceptions. The gravel garden pathway is an underrated design element. So – can we do it ourselves?

Making A Gravel Garden Path – Measuring and Locating The Path

Most landscapers, including myself, take a can of spray paint and delineate exactly where we want the garden path to run. Obviously the choice is the designer/owner’s, but we are certain it will follow the principles of impressive garden beauty. Once the course of the garden path is chosen, we will at that instant arrive at a width we most desire. Commonly, 3 feet is a good rule of thumb. That can actually deal in quite a bit of traffic with people near one another. Typically, garden paths at our residences don’t require a width to accommodate people side by side.

Excavating – How Deep And Where

I take some reusable and disposable article measuring 3 feet – say a 2″ x 4″ or other piece of lumber cut to length or even a simple rulers of 36″ and use it as a template. This will become even more vital as we finish the edges and begin filling. I will then, once again, spray paint the edge I am looking for pretty much accurately where I will want to excavate for the edging. As well, it pays to excavate enough material on the inside of the painted edge to allow for the addition of 4″ or so of gravel. This thickness allows for drainage as well as for eventual compaction. Too thin and the traffic will “pump” the dirt below the gravel into the gravel itself when wet. Nor will it compact as well as we would want. 4″ is therefore an actual “minimum depth”, to my mind. In rainier climates, I have excavated deeper.


I am a firm believer in the virtues of heavy duty plastic path edging. Adaptable and even changeable after some years, when and if the desire hits, it’s convertibility is far greater than that of steel or wood. It has therefore become an edging material of choice for me. Plus – and this is huge – it is “user friendly”. As the excavations complete, we now arrive at installation of the edging. Following the original line, we install one length of edging – say 20-30′ – by pounding stakes into the ground and (my method) screwing in the screws which hold so much better than nails. Unrequired to say, the convertibility of screws means we can merely unscrew them when we desire a change. So now we have more or less the desired edging installed on one side. Our goal now is to attach the facing edge so that we have a perfect 3 foot inner dimension. By using the template we mentioned above, lay it down and then attach the other edging at the perfect distance. Run the template up and down the pathway now to see how close to perfect it is and then toss a bit of dirt on the outer edge. Be careful not to ‘contaminate’ the inside with a bunch of dirt because that is the gravel course which is best served being purely gravel. From this point, follow the same installation technique for the full course of the path.

Filling Gravel Garden Path

At this point, things are downhill! Well, to a degree, anyway. Truly, determining and then installing the edging material is by far the most demanding intellectual portion of the project. Now all we need to do is bring in our wheelbarrows chock full of gravel. With a reasonable surface, we would generally start from the extreme edge of the walk – at the remotest point – and then work our way backwards. Every now and then, however, conditions don’t permit this. Wet soil, from the location itself or from, say, a rainfall, can make things difficult to manoeuvre wheelbarrows. In this case, working from the closest point it totally OK. What we may need to do is to compact what we’ll be running material over so the wheels of the carts run smoothly rather than dig in, causing incredibly hard slogging. I will mention compacting below. In any event, we are at that point where we approach finishing now. Filling the pathway with the designated gravel get us to the end – or nearly so.

Finishing And Compacting

Many gravels are intended to compact into dense and sturdy surfaces. For example what landscapers refer to as ‘Class 2 Base Rock’ (the same material they put under roads) is a combination of ground rock and some pebbles. The “fines” or small particles act almost like cement in helping the entire garden path to adhere to stiffness and durable hardness. It is a given that hard surfaces make better walking – at least as opposed to real loose surfaces. Limestone products as well offer compaction and a gorgeous color as well. Decomposed Granite and many other materials will look attractive and compact with the aid of a rent-able plate tamper or plate compactor. A couple of quick runs with one of these and you have an incredibly hard and durable surface. It is even possible to “seed” a gravel garden path” by compacting a durable material underneath, then ‘finishing’ the top course with an inch or less of, say, Pea Gravel or colourful alternatives.

Once all this is done, we once again take out our little template for it’s final sweep. We run it up and down the length of the pathway, making adjustments which, perhaps, the compactor knocked out of line. By the time we finish, what we have as a result is a gravel garden path which is as good as those made anywhere in the entire world. Preferable, actually, because “we did it”!!

Gardening with Flower Box and Hanging Baskets

In gardening, we have so many options on how to use our available space at home to maximize the usage of our living space. Examples of which are window box,flower box, flower baskets and the conventional bed gardens. But nowadays, people from urban areas are more interested on modern gardening methods like flower box andhanging baskets.

One of the most popular gardening methods these days is flower box gardening. It is not like the conventional gardening style that occupies a lot of gardening space. You only need few long boxes which measures about a meter or two to accommodate several plants and some soil. Flower boxes would be easier to manage because it only has limited space for planting. Container gardening does not only cater herbal or vegetable plants. Most garden enthusiasts are also using flower plants for home decoration purposes.

The good thing about container gardening is the option of placing flower boxes indoors and outdoors. Both have great impact to our house. There are also several selections for container boxes. PVC, aluminum, wooden and iron are some of the available container types. All different material types are available in all local flower shops and can be purchased online as well.

Another urban gardening trend is the use of hanging basket. It does not occupy most of our living space because of its hanging advantage option. It is far different from flower box because it only allows single plant or flowering plant. The latter is the most ideal choice for planting because of its colorful bloom and best to have bountiful flowering plants placed on a basket. Hanging basket is usually made of iron or metal wires. The only difference of each type is the inserts. Coco liner, moss and twigs and coco fiber are some of the available insert types for hanging baskets. Good thing about inserts, they are changeable. We can definitely change it every now and then if we want to, unlike flower box, it would be a lot of work and time knowing that it is a lot bigger and has lots of contents.

Take a look at some availableflower boxand hanging baskets online to have some time visualizing about how you can develop your home by adding these simple gardening structures. I bet it would be fun!

The Truth About Noni Juice Benefits

The nutritional supplement industry seems to have an exceptionally short attention span. Witness how they move from one new super-food to the next. In the last year or two, you’ve probably heard and read about acai berries, hoodia, mangosteen, thelmak root, goji and probably a few others besides, all in quick succession. Each of these foods is hailed as the healthiest thing ever discovered; but of course, it’s hard to get a handle on exactly which of these foods can do what for you, since it seems the industry quickly moves on to the next nutritional discovery.

Now they’ve moved on to Noni juice benefits. That’s not to say that Noni juice (or any of the other products mentioned above) is bad for you. To the contrary, all of these products have extensive benefits but we’ve gotten tired of the hype, particularly when it comes to Noni juice benefits.

In case you haven’t read much about it yet, Noni (aka Great Morinad) is a tree which grows in many areas of south-eastern Asia and on many islands in the South Pacific. This is a very prolific tree, blooming and producing fruit all year. Noni fruit has a very strong odor while ripening, something which has led to its gaining the nickname “the cheese fruit”. The pulp of the Noni fruit is used in some Indonesian dishes as well as in other Asian and Micronesian cuisines. Noni juice benefits make up part of the traditional medicine of the South Pacific.

Like many fruit juices, Noni juice is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and phytochemicals, with an antioxidant content roughly equivalent to an ounce of grape skins. A glass of Noni juice contains slightly less calories than a glass of orange juice, but contains just as much vitamin C.

Now, these compounds all have benefits, they all exist in other food products. The specific Noni juice benefits come from the fact that you get them in one dose with fewer calories.

But you’re probably curious about the specific health benefits of Noni juice. Here they are:

First of all, like all foods high in Vitamin C, Noni has a noticeable impact in improving liver function and protecting the liver from damage. Similarly, it helps the body create more T-Cells and is a good immune system booster. There is anecdotal evidence from Linus Pauling that large doses of Vitamin C can also act to help ward off viruses.

The antioxidant compounds within Noni juice are the same ones that have been proven to help cardiovascular health in lab mice and lab rats; they’re also in the general category of ‘toxin removers’ that help eliminate free radicals, one of the things that promotes aging in the human body.

Because Noni juice has both anti-oxidants and a decent amount of fructose, it’s got the same “wake you up and clear fatigue” benefits that a lot of the ‘energy drinks’ on the market do. (Fructose is the most easily absorbed sugar; getting fructose and anti-oxidants at the same time helps the absorption process go more quickly). Related to this, it appears that Noni juice (like a lot of other fruit juices) triggers serotonin release in the brain, making it a mood elevator.

These Noni juice benefits make the juice something worth incorporating into your diet. However, drinking Noni juice doesn’t mean that you’ll never get sick again nor is this fruit juice the fountain of youth in a bottle. It’s just a healthy juice which provides some nutritional benefits; which should be enough reason to make this healthy tropical fruit a part of your diet.

San Bernardino Ca Florist How To Select The Right Florist

Many times flowers can be used as a gift for various reasons. Flowers translate into a million different languages the whole time conveying the exact message to the recipient. In order for flowers to be a successful gift, you need to select the correct flowers. What most people do not understand is that it is also extremely important to make the right choice when it comes to your florist. Whether you are purchasing flowers offline or online you need to make sure that you select the right San Bernardino CA Florist. You will find that there are many different florists to choose from.

There are a number of preparations that you need to take into consideration before attempting to find a florist in San Bernardino. Whether you are shopping online or offline, you will want to know exactly what you want so that you can be specific in your requirements. You will want to set a budget ahead of time. This will help you eliminate a florist that is asking for prices that are too expensive or over your budget. A good florist will help you find beautiful flowers that will fit your particular budget.

In order for flowers to be a successful gift there is another thing that you need to take into consideration. You need to know the reason that the flowers are being purchased. The occasion that you are purchasing the flowers for needs to be completely clear as this will help you select the appropriate flowers. When it comes to making the right choice, florist San Bernardino California is a good place to begin your search. More and more people are shopping online for many different things including flowers. However, there are a number of things that you need to take into consideration when doing business with an online florist.

There are three major aspects of an online florist that you need to take into consideration before doing business with an online florist. You need to check out the security measures that the website takes when taking orders. You also need to ensure that the company takes your privacy into consideration. You also need to make sure that the company has good customer service. The most important thing that you need to take into consideration is your security. You have to put all kinds of information out there when shopping online. Therefore you need to make sure that your information is going to be safe.

When doing business with a San Bernardino Florist, you need to make sure that the company will protect your privacy. The company needs to protect your personal information such as your address, credit card data and phone number. You also need to make sure that the florist provides good customer service. The customer service will be very important at once point in time especially when you need to track your order.

Riches And The Garden Of Eden

Starting with the disclaimer that this is a purely secular set of observations having nothing to do with religion, I would like to bypass all the theological controversy and bigoted opinions of those who should know better with the assertion that something actually ‘did go wrong’ within the human psyche, and this schism, which undeniably destroyed a pre-existing harmonious and joyous relationship with nature, happened precisely with the concurrence of agriculture.

And it is agriculture I would like to focus the blame on, for if money is the root of all evil, then agriculture is the root of all money. It is true, is it not, that agriculture is the harbinger of civilization? Therefore, whatever civilization has bequeathed to us ultimately can be found in the implementation of agriculture. That is to say that literally- language, the mastery of fire, tool making, just to name a few technologies- have only a small role in the development and rise of civilization. On the other hand, civilization would be impossible without agriculture. (By the way, ‘civilization’ by its root roughly just means ‘urbanization’.)

When heard, the word civilization is generally received with a positive connotation, but in fact civilization is also directly responsible for the greatest man-made horrors upon this earth that we have ever seen. It is responsible for mega wars, genocide, and perhaps most tragically, thousands of years of mass slavery.

Another facet that one might explore about agriculture is that while it tends to feed masses of humans with a monotonous diet of food of dubious nutritious value, at the same time it destroys nature (or the garden if one prefers). But most importantly the advent of agriculture soon resulted in societies where 80 to 90 percent of the population became slaves, 10 percent warriors, a tiny percent scholars and architects, and the tiniest fraction the owners and rulers. That it is a fact of history but my question is: have things really changed?

Wall Mounted Outdoor Fountain – Give Yourself That Special Garden

It was time to shed off those layers of clothes and turn off the furnace. This was my favorite time of the year. The robins were chirping and the buds were forming on the trees. This year it was my desire to turn my garden into my sanctuary.

Starting with planting the flowers, which I take great pride in, to turning my lawn into looking like a golf course. By arranging the shrubs, bushes and flowers, it was very pleasant to look at. With the new patio furniture and grill, I thought everything was in place.

Something was missing and I couldn’t put my finger on it. As I would sit in my comfy lounge chair reading a book, I was still edgy not relaxed. Turning on the stereo, placing the lighting in just the right direction and sipping a cool drink, just didn’t put me in the right mood.

Then it dawned on me what I was yearning for. It was quite simple my body wanted to be around water. A swimming pool or hot tub was not an option since it would take up the entire yard. Looking through home decorating magazines, it was there I found that special touch that was needed. The wall mounted outdoor fountain.

Wall mounted garden fountains achieve the same effect as any other fountain. The serenity and tranquility of water trickling down is an essential element to any outdoor setting. The element of water enhances any environment by just its visual presence. These fountains seem to touch the human spirit deeply and personal. The sound that comes from a fountain is perfect to help you unwind at the end of a busy day. It is soothing and relaxing which creates peace and harmony.

The two most common materials are cast stone concrete and fiberglass. The fiberglass models have a sand stone finish and weigh less for shipping purposes and are less expensive. There are various styles that will fit with anyone’s decor. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary model it is easily located. If you are on a tight budget try wall mounted garden fountains made of plastic or resin. Whatever material you choose, they are sure to add class and sophistication to your out door area.

Every imaginable color, illumination, size and theme is available for all variety of tastes and needs. Some popular themes are animals, birds, fish and biblical characters. The size you purchase strictly depends on where it will be mounted. They have these fountains for walls, fences, alcoves and trees. Don’t be surprised if a bird swoops down for a drink.

Outdoor wall mounted fountains help clean the air and remove harmful pollutants. They also help add humidity into the air which is ideal for keeping your flowers and plants healthy.

A small amount of regular maintenance will allow you to enjoy your fountain for many years. Simply spray it down with a garden hose, keep the basin free of debris and in winter remove the pump and keep it dry. Most come with easy to follow installation instructions and do not require a professional to install it. You just need to make certain that you conceal the pump and hosing.

If you wish to make the fountain the focal point of your garden, get creative. Add some rocks or cut flowers to the water. Put some lights near it so it sparkles and to unleash those senses add some aromatherapy oil to the basin Your friends and family will admire your fountain as a masterpiece of sight, smell and sound.

You might be pondering whether to go for whimsical or an ornate design. Let me assure you that it does not matter. They will all sooth, ease your mind and stimulate the senses. This is a must for your summer pleasure.