Here Are Some Types Of Solar Garden Lighting Available

Solar garden lighting is widely used for landscaping in private and public gardens. The concept of solar energy has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Most of the things that were previously powered by electricity have been converted to be run by other energy sources such as the solar energy. Solar energy is as efficient as electricity; therefore, you must not feel hesitant in switching to it. With this rise in the inclination towards solar energy, if you have solar garden lighting in your house and you want to sell it then you will get high price. This means that solar lighting increase the value of your property. So, if you want to increase the value of your property as well then install the solar garden lights today.

There is a wide variety of the solar lighting available in the market these days. This means that there are a lot of different types of sun-lighted garden lights that you can choose from. If you put some light in your flower bed or beside the footpath then you can get the ground stake solar appliances. These are available in different designs so you can select the one that you like more. Then there are solar backyard spot light. These are usually available in the shape of rocks so that when they are place among the plants, they merge into them. These are very useful if you want to focus light on a specific spot.

There is also special landscape sunlight garden lighting. These are also available in different shapes and sizes and can be used to create different themes in the garden. If you want to give a more chic look to you garden then the hanging Solar garden lighting are the best choice. They look very beautiful and traditional. If you have a patio or a deck in the garden and it has steps as well, then you can use the deck and patio step solar garden Lights. They not only create a beautiful aura but they will also help identify the stairs so that you do not trip over.

All these lights are fitted with solar panels so you must place all of them in the manner that they remain fully exposed to the sun to store light. The choice of the lights depends upon your liking and the theme of your garden.

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Book Your Dream Home Ashiana Center Court at Sector 88A Gurgaon

Introduction: –

Ashiana launched implausible a modern world class life style at a place that is advantageous on all sides, situated in sector 88A Gurgaon between the Pataudi road and dwarka expressway and also proximate to the NH8, which known by -the center court- The center court is the premier project of the Ashiana, which is mainly focused by the sports residences. Center court is yet another compelling project that is brings the next level ultra-luxurious flats and offering sumptuous living standard. Its residents is the form of 2 bhk, 3 bhk and 4 bhk sports residence in sector 88A Gurgaon.

Specification / Amenities:-

The Ashiana Centre court is a sports paradise by Ashiana, which is sprawling over 14 acres of land, where it’s features very low ground coverage of only 2 acres in 14 acres land size. All dreamy apartments have been designed in S-shaped layout so that every residence will be garden facing. The center court project provides the dreamy Oasis for living. Its apartments are form by 2 bhk, 3 bhk with sizes ranging between 1565 sq. ft. to 2175 sqft respectively. This project has been based on the sanitation and codify construction, with the lot of Modern Amenities for the families like it has swimming pool, exclusive club house, gymnasium, 24*7 security, power back up, modular kitchen, bathrooms with modern fitting, balconies with sliding glass, water bodies, lakes, sports ground beautiful landscaping with a lavish central lawn Boulevard arc, plaza fountain and dedicated drop off points.

Silent Features:-

Ashiana new launch well planned and thought for envision the point of view which is also called by sports residencies. It is a true sports paradise, where we will play tennis, basketball, volleyball, cricket any time of day or evening with lighted courts and a year round breeze. In addition to yoga and meditation center, multi games rooms, billiards and pool table, state of the art fitness center by Indian cricket caption Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Mahesh Bhupati tennis academies. Yet another specialty all abodes have been designed in S-shaped layout so that every residence will be garden facing and the master layout plan designed by Singapore based landscape architects Belt Collins. The lighting design is form LDP Singapore.


In addition to this this projects in sector 88 A Gurgaon in close proximate to just 2.5 kms fromNH-8, 1.5 kms from the NPR and 400m. from Pataudi road, with future access from 60 m. wide road, Site is located in one of the most upcoming sector and thus the infrastructures development shall be well planned and executed and metro corridors is also proposed in Gurgaon.

About Developer:-

25 years ago was discovered a new developer in Real Estate sector called by Ashiana, which is famous his Excellency and construction quality. It has built over 33 lacs sq.ft. Of residential and commercial space and has put a smile on the faces of more than 3000 families. The center court has been promoted in partnership with India REIT Domestic Fund, a Piramal group company, landscape designed by Belt Collins, Lighting design by LDP, Architect-space designers.

About Author:-

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Flower Boxes – Timeless Decorative Ornaments

Technological development has brought modern innovations in the world. In fact, it influences every type of industry aside from bringing healthy competitions in the market nowadays. The creation of flower boxes is perhaps one of the best results of such development, which is considered one of the latest fads in the container gardening industry.

As years pass by, it shows tremendous increase in demand that makes it one of the most popular gardening products in this generation. Commercial establishments such as hotels, food chains and other retail centers have used it as decorative displays that add color and life to empty spaces. Moreover, house owners show off their stunning flower boxes on patios, pathways, decks and even on windows. To maintain its status in the current market, various manufacturers have found out relevant concepts that might lead the way for the creation of a more detailed and well-refined flower box.

Through the years, various manufacturers have never failed to create these boxes for plants with glamor and style. It has been crafted from high quality materials which are stable and resilient enough to withstand harsh elements and climatic conditions to let you enjoy your flowerbox for years to come. Some of these planter boxes have been manufactured from hard-wearing wires along with waterproof plastic coating that prevents water from leaking and protects it from messing up with the soil.

Gardeners should be aware that flower boxes may be subjected to wear and tear and may be completely dried up, most specially during hot summer. Such cases hinder the growth of plants if not properly handled. That is why protective liners such as woods or plastic coatings should be placed inside it to preserve the natural moisture that might protect it from dryness. Obviously, watering these planter boxes everyday is one of the major considerations in order for the plants to thrive and flourish well.

Above are some of the simple and basic tips that will surely let your flowerboxes stay for a considerable amount of time.

Romeo Dolor specializes in flower box designs and home improvement ideas such as customizing flower boxes, and provides interesting tips about container gardening with methods such as using flowerbox.

LED Garden Lighting Can Be The Best Source For Garden Lighting

LED garden lights are increasingly in popularity with time. These stylish lights have many benefits over other kinds of garden lights in many ways. Light emitting diode (LED) have served the basic decoration needs of the garden in the most cost effective way. They can add beauty to the garden dcor in many ways. With LED appliances, people may decorate their trees, shrubs, paths down to the lawn, and many other areas. LED garden lightings can immensely spruce up your garden dcor, and are also safe to use.

Led appliances are either in round or pointed shapes. These low voltage devices are wrapped with a diffuse plastic lens. The good thing about LED lightings is that it is not affected by harsh weathers and traffic. These lights came into existence in 1970, and scientists are still bringing innovations in these lightings, as the demand continues to grow.

When comparison is made between LED backyard appliances with bulbs and fluorescent lamps, it has been discovered that they LED lightings are more energy efficient. Normal bulbs throw more heat to the environment whereas LED lights hardly emit heat. Moreover, LED lights are free from mercury, and are a safer lighting source. If you have kids in your home, then LED garden lightings must be your first choice, because as they are cool to touch, children would not be harmed when playing in the garden.

Another main benefit for using LED garden lights is that they consume very little energy, and hence dramatically reduce electricity bills. LED garden lighting is now available in many different designs, shapes, and colors. AS LED backyard lighting are structured in long ropes, these versatile lights can be shaped in many forms. Suppose you are throwing a children’s party in your garden, with LED garden lights, you can give shapes of flowers, butterflies, and animals that will greatly attract and amuse the children.

In case of a formal party, you can consider hanging them on the walls, trees, or shrubs, simply any way you want. However, these not only offer contemporary designs, but also in fact allow cutting many costs in the end. LED garden illuminations have a longer life span compared to other bulbs and lamps. These reliable lightings have really helped to embellish a garden with differently shaped colorful lights.

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Online Florists Shop In Kolkata Via Florist In Kolkata

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Low Voltage Garden Lighting Advantages And Disadvantages

There are many advantages and very few disadvantages to low voltage garden lighting. It is a good idea to understand what these are when deciding on whether to use this very popular form of garden lighting.

The classic solution for outdoor lighting is low voltage garden lighting and it is easy to install. Outdoor lighting consultants and landscape gardeners prefer low voltage garden lighting as their first choice as it is completely safe for use outdoors. It enables you to enjoy the benefits of your garden after sunset and your guests can experience the wonderful effects of the lighting on your plants and features.

One very beneficial thing about low voltage garden lighting is the fact that you can very easily install low voltage garden lighting without getting any help from an electrician and that when bulbs need replacing they can be replaced without turning off the power. Doing the installation yourself is one of the most economical means of improving the safety of your home and at the same time you can highlight the garden features that you prefer by using low voltage garden lighting. This form of garden lighting is very economical.

One of the few disadvantages of low voltage garden lighting is the fact that the wirings are very prone to damage and care needs to be taken to safeguard the wires. Having said that the wires are harmless and can be left on the ground as there is no danger from them.

You can choose to illuminate a very wide space or area as you wish. Even bollards which are designed to be functional and practical can be very decorative with low voltage garden lighting. This lighting can give you extra hours in your garden that you would not have without this economical form of lighting.

By choosing low voltage lighting you will be able to enjoy landscape lighting that adds exciting elements to your garden and highlights aspects that would go unseen at night without this enhancement. 12 volt is the ideal choice of low voltage garden lighting that is available in the market. It is possible to program the time that the light comes on with transformers for low voltage garden lights which is very efficient at doing the job.

Not only will outdoor garden lighting make your garden more beautiful but it will also help to prevent accidents in the dark. You can use low voltage garden lighting to enhance and spotlight bushes, trees and architectural features. It should be a popular choice as the work can be done by you and maintained by you.

Charming Garden Weddings

A garden wedding can be a glorious and magical affair which offers one of the most romantic locations in which to celebrate your big day.

Nature is the perfect wedding backdrop and can be sophisticated and elegant. Imagine your wedding ceremony is only minutes away from your reception.

Imagine a mid spring or early autumn day with the suns rays engulfing you with its warmth during a wedding ceremony by a pond or lake. As you exchange your vows, pair of ducks swim in to get a glimpse of the event. Everything seems to be in pairs. The birds overheard practically chirping “love is in the air”. After your ceremony you take a stroll around the lake hand in hand as your guest make their way to the marquee for cocktails. You rejoin your guests, after the stroll and for a lazy afternoon supper and drinks before your commence your life together in wedded bliss.

There are many garden wedding ideas suitable for a dreamy wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Some of these themed garden wedding ideas have been included.

You could choose a botanical garden as your location for your garden wedding with its sweeping lawns, private gardens and lush trees it is perfect for an intimate event or a larger celebration. The botanical garden is a unique environment for your ceremony, reception and wedding photography.

The Japanese garden is a perfect intimate setting for a wedding ceremony. With the beautiful lakes, peaceful waterfalls and serenity it is surely one of the most romantic locations for your wedding. Cross the pond to the other side to the teahouse or just enjoy the view from the bridge of this beautifully manicured garden. Japanese gardens are a suitable venue for weddings all year round.

An English garden can create a nostalgic, heavenly feeling which makes them a wonderful location for a wedding. The elements of the English gardens you need to consider are topiaries, roses, lavender, lilies of the valley, pansies, poppies and arches covered in blooms. Arches and gazebos are the ideal decor to use for the wedding ceremony. Also key the English gardens are picket fences or iron gates.

Any of the above gardens can be used as a theme for your backyard garden wedding. Backyard gardens are intimate and cosy locations for a wedding ceremony and reception. Set up a marquee or a tent for your guests along with an outside dance floor. Alternatively and afternoon wedding in the garden with cocktails and appetisers could be an elegant way to celebrate your special day.

How To Start A Community Supported Agriculture Market Garden

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a great way for farmers and consumers to connect. The demand for fresh local food is growing steadily; there’s never been a better time to start market gardening. Learn how to start your own CSA and grow an income from your garden.

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

In the CSA model, customers support the farmer by buying a share of vegetables from her market garden. Customers often pay in advance for the season; this early cash flow provides start up capital for the farmer to buy seeds and supplies. In this model the CSA farmer can launch a market garden with little capital of her own.

What is the benefit to the consumer?

Customers of the CSA benefit by receiving a weekly share of fresh, natural food, often delivered right to their door. They also benefit from the knowledge they are supporting local food and local farmers, and reducing the ‘food miles’ that most produce travels before it reaches the consumer. Finally, the consumer is connecting back to the real source of all food, the soil. Many CSA customers feel a sense of ownership as they support their farm.

How to get started in Community Supported Agriculture

Step one is to set some goals for your CSA garden. How much money do you expect to make from your garden? Do you expect to make a part time income, or will your CSA be your main source of income for the season?

Once you have set an income target, you need to determine a price for your CSA shares, and the number of customers you will need to reach your target. For example, if you plan to make $10,000 from your garden, and you think that $500 per share is a fair price for your produce, then you will need to find 20 customers to meet your income goal. You can determine a price per share by surveying other CSA farms in your area, and comparing their offerings and prices. You can also estimate fair price by determining how much of each vegetable you plan to include in the share, and researching to find out an average price for each one.

Finding customers for your Community Supported Agriculture market garden

The first step in marketing your garden is to reach out to your warm market. Talk to your friends, family, co-workers, golf buddies, car poolers, in short everybody, and tell them you will be growing delicious, fresh vegetables in limited quantities, and if they hurry they can get on the list to get some. If they are interested, sign them up and accept a payment to help finance your garden.

If your warm market can’t fulfill your target for customers, then you have to find another source. Mail out flyers are a good way to target a specific area to find more customers. Find a neighborhood within your delivery distance, and send each home a flyer describing your garden and the benefits of your CSA program. If you write a good, compelling flyer, you can expect to receive about a 1% response rate. In other words, if you send out 1,000 flyers you will net about 10 customers. Repeat the mailing in other close neighborhoods until you reach your target.

Planning your Community Supported Agriculture market garden

Once you have confirmed how many customers you have, you now need to plan and schedule your garden to grow the vegetables for them. One of the big advantages of Community Supported Agriculture is that you know exactly how many customers you have, and therefore you can plan your market garden to be quite efficient. You will need to know your last spring frost date and your first fall frost date to plan your growing schedule. You also need to know how long each vegetable takes to mature, how much it yields, and how often you need to replant to keep a continuous harvest coming.

For example, if you have 20 customers, and each customer expects to receive one head of lettuce per week, then you know you need to harvest at least that many lettuces each week. If lettuce takes 50 days to grow to maturity, and needs one square foot of space to grow, you can figure out when to start the plants, and how much space in total you will need. You carry out this calculation for each crop you plan to grow.

Growing your Community Supported Agriculture market garden

A successful market garden requires regular attention to survive and thrive. You need to take all reasonable effort to grow and protect your crops; your customers are counting on you to bring them fresh vegetables each week. You should plant more than one variety of each vegetable, and make multiple plantings at short intervals to protect against crop failure. Grow disease resistant varieties whenever possible. Raised beds can protect against heavy rains and flooding, and drip irrigation will protect against drought. Floating row cover will provide a physical barrier against insects, and will protect young plants from cold and wind.

Starting a Community Supported Agriculture market garden is a great business you can start for very little cash. If you are successful you can grow from a part-time to a very good full time income with CSA.

Godrej New Project at Sector 88A Gurgaon

Possessing a home that accommodates you, your family with all the love and warmth is not exactly an easy deal. Not any more. The all-new endeavour by Godrej Properties, via, Godrej New Project Sector 88A Gurgaon will put an end to your search for the perfect home.

Godrej Properties – The Perfect Choice for a Home

Taking forward the Godrej hallmark of trust, innovation and excellence forward, the Godrej Properties has made providing luxury homes at reasonable prices their major objective. Currently developing projects across twelve cities all over India, the group has been dedicated to delivering not just housing apartments but landmarks. And the Gurgaon Godrej New Project Sector 88A can be said to be taking another step forward in this direction.

Welcome To Your New Home at New Godrej Property Sector 88A

Launched in association with Oasis Build Home Pvt. Ltd, the Godrej Project Sector 88A is the third endeavour by the group in the direction of delivering quality luxury homes at the country capital, Delhi. Spanning 13.76 acres, the project is located at Northern Periphery Road in Sector 88A/89A, Gurgaon. So, why does the project qualify as your dream home?

Property lies just 1.5 kms from the NPR and ~400m from Pataudi road, NPR, SPR and NH8 extending up to Manesar.

The entire project has been divided into 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 BHKs with two open sides overlooking the beautiful landscape. This means that you get to select a home that best suits your need.

Each condo has been allotted a tentative area of 1300-1600sq.ft, 1700-2200sq.ft and 2900-3000sq.ft, with the basic sale price being around 6500 INR per sq.ft.

The campus features a modern clubhouse equipped with all the modern luxuries that one can think of. There is also a central lawn, complete with a play area for kids, boulevard arc, fountain and the like.

Along with all the above features, the Godrej Project Sector 88A Dwarka Express also boasts of an unparalleled connectivity – definitely icing on the cake. The property is situated at a distance of just 1.5 kms from the NPR and 400m from the Pataudi Road. Along with this, there is also the metro corridor that is soon going to cover NPR, SPR, NH8 extending up to Manesar.

Having a perfect roof is one of the basic criteria for leading a content and happy life. And Godrej Project Sector 88A Gurgaon goes one-step forward with the entire deal and provides homes that not only allots a place for you to live in but also proves to be the perfect manifestation of your dream home.

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Setting up a herb garden

Herbs can be grown anywhere you like but a having a herb garden design makes it more appealing. If you are a beginner herb grower, you might have some questions about the space required and the suitable herbs to plant. Don’t make the mistake of disregarding your design plans altogether because you are confused of the many things you read about designing a herb garden. To make things simpler for you, I would like to share some effective tips on herb garden design:

1.Where do you want to grow your herbs? – You can choose a sunny spot preferably near the kitchen. This way, things will be a lot simpler for you. For example, you can water and maintain your garden while you cook. If your problem is limited space, you can choose to grow your herbs in a box. Your garden can be anything you want it to be – functional as a medicine kit or enchanting as a fairy tale.

2.The right size of your garden is important. – How large do you want your garden to be? If you only want to use your herbs for personal purposes, you don’t need to put up a large garden. My advice is for you to choose only the herbs that you can conveniently care for everyday. However, if you want to sell some of your products after the harvest season, you need to have a larger herb garden landsape. The size of your garden is largely determined by your purpose intended for it. Do you want to have a unique and beautiful formal garden or maybe you just want herbs that you can use for cooking?

3.If a formal herb garden for herbs is what you are thinking. – Generally, many gardeners choose to have a very stable herb garden. Formal gardens have several sizes because they are designed with precision. Landscaping also varies depending on the design concept of the gardener. Some gardens are abundant with herbs that have many leaves. In most formal gardens, the paths are paved with bricks or stones. These formal gardens almost always have themes with different scents, colors, shapes and variations. Some herb gardens are designed exclusively for perennials, annuals or biennials. Plant grouping is also seriously considered.

4.Using windowsill herbs for your garden – if you plan to put up a windowsill garden, you also need to design a good format to give your garden in a more elegant look. More importantly, you need to place your pots in a sunny windowsill where your herbs will thrive. You can simply buy some of the favorite herbs you wish to grow, just make sure that these herbs grow well together. You can consider growing herbs for cooking, for medicinal purposes, or for potpourris.

5.Some herbs are well suited in a vegetable garden, where they can be harvested as needed. Planting annual herbs like basil, coriander and dill are a great idea. Having your own vegetable and herb garden is not only trendy; it’s very health-smart!

Setting up your own herb garden that’s made attractive with a beautiful herb garden design is a very rewarding task.