Florist – Choosing a Career as a Florist

Being a florist can be a very exciting and challenging career. Many people of all ages, from other working backgrounds are being retrained and entering the floristry industry.

If you are considering a career in floristry, you should enjoy working with flowers and be willing to learn all aspects of the floristry profession. You will need to be able to arrange flowers in an attractive manner and be a reasonably quick worker.

In our Floristry Diploma Course we teach you how to create floral designs for all types of occasions.

As a florist is dealing closely with the public, you should have a genuine liking for people, and have a pleasant and helpful manner.

Flowers touch the emotions of other peoples’ lives. Customers ordering funeral tributes are often relatives or close friends of the deceased and may be emotionally upset. As a florist, you will need to be sympathetic and understanding.

A florist has the pleasure of helping a bride-to-be select just the right flowers and type of bridal bouquet for the most important day of her life – her wedding day.

The florist shares the joy and excitment when a proud new father comes in to order flowers for his wife in hospital.

Floristry is not all glamour. There is a lot of hard work and long hours involved. The duties in a florist shop will include:- Unpacking stock as it comes into the florist shop

Conditioning flowers and watering plants

Pricing merchandise and displaying it attractively

Attending to customers

Answering the telephone

Completing orders and making up designs for the shop

Making sure the florist shop is clean and tidy

Keeping book work up to date

Changing the shop window display Working in a Florist Shop

You will need to be able to work efficiently. A typical day in a florist shop could include ten wreaths for an early morning funeral, several arrangements and posies. Often a posy or a sheaf of flowers will need to be made up while the customer waits.

A good employee has common sense, a positive attitude, is honest and a willing worker who sees what needs doing and does it in a cheerful and efficient manner.

An employer will appreciate a capable trustworthy employee who has the employer’s interest at heart and will co-operate and help with any duties involved in the running of the floristry business.

Applying for a Position in a Florist Shop.

You should present yourself favourably, be well groomed, polite and have an enthusiastic manner. If you have any references from previous positions, report cards or personal references, take these with you. You may like to take samples or photographs of your floral designs with you. Naturally, any photographs or samples should be of a high standard with the flowers arranged attractively and colours blended tastefully. Any wiring and taping should be neatly done.

The florist may ask you to make up an arrangement, posy or a sheaf. You will be expected to choose suitable flowers and foliage in colours which blend well together and make up a professional looking design in a reasonable amount of time (approximately 15-20 minutes for a standard arrangement). Do not worry if you are a bit nervous. Florists are usually understanding people and will make allowances for this. It is far better to be a little nervous rather than have an over confident and “know it all” manner.

A few years ago a position was advertised for a junior in a very busy florist shop in a leading shopping centre in Melbourne. There were over forty applicants, but one of our students was successful because she could show the florist she was capable of creating attractive floral designs.

After the interview is over thank the employer for seeing you, and if the position offered appeals to you, you could say “I am very impressed with your shop” or “I would really like the opportunity of working for you”. An employer would much rather employ a person who really wants the position in preference to someone who is indifferent.


Many people find the idea of going into business for themselves very tempting. You may want to open your own florist shop, but you should be fully aware of all the facts before you make a decision to start up or buy into a business.



You will have a feeling of fulfilment of being involved in such a creative industry such as floristry.

If you run a successful florist business it can be far more rewarding financially than working for wages.

There is a feeling of security in owning your own successful florist business.

You will find running your own florist shop is never dull. You will never know what each day will bring. Working for yourself is far more exciting than going to work in an often dull routine job.

You will meet some very interesting people through dealing directly with the public. This can often develop into lasting friendships. You will be providing a real service to your customers. The skilled florist is always appreciated and will have a secure life-long career.

Disadvantages (You will find it helpful if you do this questionnaire)

As Floristry is a lot of hard work and often long hours are involved, do you have the necessary health and energy to run a business? Yes / No

Do you have enough money to start a florist business? Do you have another source of borrowing money if necessary? Sometimes you will need to inject extra funds into the business Yes / No

Are you self motivated and have enough discipline to be able to organise yourself to see what the most important tasks are and to see each one is carried out? Yes / No

Are you a reasonably quick worker? Yes / No

When a problem arises, are you the type of person who can come up with a solution? Yes / No

If you have a family, do you have someone you can rely on to help with the children? Yes / No

To stand a good chance in a floristry business you should honestly be able to answer “Yes” to all the above questions.

How successful you are in Floristry, as in anything in life, will depend on how much time and effort YOU are prepared to put into it.

Floristry Diploma Course Our Floristry Diploma Course covers opening your own florist shop, how to find a job in a florist shop and working from home.

A Few Benefits Of European Floral Design

European people address the task of floral design with a vastly different perspective than their American cousins. In The UK, flowers are an every day part of one’s life, and compact yet gorgeous floral arrangements accentuate kitchen tables, dining areas, living areas, foyers and cafes in bursts of gorgeous color. European people regularly collect their own blossoms from a field as well as pay for ready-made, hand-tied flower arrangements from the flower vendor at the street market. Anywhere that they manage to get their flowers, you will discover a noticeable difference between what is popular in a European versus an American residence. Heres how a European floral design can vary from a typical American arrangement:

#1 – Compactness

European florists have a tendency to concentrate on the appeal of the individual blossom for effect. They are of the opinion (and appropriately so) that outstanding floral designs dont really need to be huge to be dazzling. A smaller, yet volumptuous, bouquet can supply even greater aesthetic effect simply by showcasing the lushness of the flowers or contrasting the textures within the design. A small, hand-tied style enables the blooms to look more bountiful, yet still promoting an informal sophistication that is certainly as prevalent in impressive European country mansions as it is in cottages abroad. Hand-tying a floral arrangement groups the flowers more securely alongside one another and causes the arrangement to become not merely more compact, but in addition to seem volumptuous and more colorful.

#2 – Emphasis on the Flowers, Not the Container

In lots of European floral designs, the focus is on the beauty of the blossoms, not the container. Using a straightforward, sleek flower vase is a wonderful option to bring the abundance of the flowers into contrast with the simplicity of the vase for an even greater visual punch. European florists achieve this simply by passing on elaborate flower vases and pots for simple, translucent glass cylinders or even cubes or very simple containers in shades that either blend well with the flowers or work as a foundation for the bouquet, making it appear to be much more opulent in comparison.

#3 – Use of Other Organic Materials

Considering the fact that Europeans employ floral bouquets to brighten their households as a daily or weekly ritual, it is not uncommon to discover they tend to add a assortment of plant material into their arrangements. These range from flowering limbs, branches of buds or berries, grasses, ferns, boughs, vines and even pinecones, seed pods, and various other non-traditional materials. These accessories allow European flower arrangements an ideal textural contrast that pulls the vividness of the flowering plants to the forefront. Including these types of elements towards the design really helps to give the European arrangement that freshly picked from the meadow look that’s a widespread theme within their styles. Masses of a selection of flowers, contrasted with buds, berries, and other foliage provides a feel of lu

Fall Wedding Flower

The popular choice of flowers for the wedding event

Everyone wants to create a perfect wedding, but can choose with so many options and the budget for higher and higher it can be a bit stressful. The election in the fall wedding flowers is not that different. We offer some information that will make the flower of choice can be easier for you to plan the flower part on your wedding more interesting!

There are a lot of flowers in the fall season. You can use traditional wedding flowers such as roses, peonies and orchids and seasonal flowers such as sunflowers, ranunculus, and chrysanthemums. Perhaps you can find your favorite flower of weakness of spring flowers. Below are some of the most popular ways for fall wedding flower.


Colors of the hydrangea is white, pink to blue and green. Hydrangea flowers look full, roundest head, consisting of small individual flowers. This flower is quite a comprehensive settlement. Depending on their color, hydrangeas look quite soft, bold or rustic. Use at your hydrangea arrangements, or more bouquets. This fall wedding flowers are for the combination with other flowers and fill in the wedding package is ideal.


Colors of Larkspur are white and pink to blue. This nodding flowers along long spires. Larkspur Cottage Flowers are synonymous. Add this flower as a cottage garden, a little spontaneous look at wedding arrangements. This fall wedding flowers increase visual height and give you the beautiful blue color, the other flowers is hard to get.


You can be white, yellow, pink and red colors of Amaryllis. The head has a long stem, large flower like a lily flower. Amaryllis, looking very dramatic and especially the red make for your very bold appointment. This fall wedding flowers can be used as single, the result for a dramatic wedding bouquet or arrangements. Combine with softer Amaryllis flowers are looking to have a nice contrast.

Calla Lily

Colors of Calla is white, but miniature Callas in a variety of colors from white to almost black. The Calla looks very architectural and art nouveau in the form. This single funnel-shaped flower is born to each stem. A dramatic fall wedding flowers, leave them alone, if used, only a few stems of Calla is quite a statement. Mini Callas work well with other flowers to make a contrast in form. Large Callas are ideal for large arrangements.

Some flower shop also uses tropical flowers or flowers that are available throughout the year to add more color to the wedding package. Vanda orchids and cattleya orchids have vivid earth tones compliment the color of the season. If you make a personal statement with unique floral arrangements to consult with a professional florist who fall wedding flowers you choose can support up to perfection.

For more Fall Wedding Flower ideas, please also check my other guides on White Wedding Flowers at – Your Free Wedding Flowers Guide!

Information On Why To Decide On Mumbai Florist To Send Flowers To Mumbai

Online Florists India let you to pick out the different and beautiful sorts of flowers that you really want with out even going outer your doors and putting the order flowers through the use of the internet facility. So have you learnt! How does all of it work? All, which you must do, is to go browsing to that florist web site and guide your orders from there. Majority of on-line florist shops do settle for the payments by means of credit card and debit playing cards which makes all the things a lot extra easy and appropriate for you. Those people, who’re dwelling in India particularly in Mumbai, among the finest online florist outlets that tune the world are the May Flower Online florist shop. This online florist website features of the primarily stunning blossoms within the country. And with the dedication for high quality customer service, rest assured that the flowers you order on-line to send Flowers to Mumbai will always be of their freshest condition.

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So, in case you are ready to make your dearest and nearest one completely happy and wish to bring happiness on the face of the one you love, then all, which you might want to do is log on to their approved web site and place the order of flowers online. The very best thing in regards to the firm is that they also deliver flowers to Mumbai and throughout the all country, primarily the totally different fundamental cities in India. And be completely satisfied do not let yourself be anxious about distant delivery locations as a result of they may ensure that and assure that your flowers obtain to your pricey ones lovely and fresh. Could Flower also send even in the course of the weekends inside the town, so by this fashion you can always prove your thanks at any day of the week!

Now that you have well-learn about the better store that send flowers to Mumbai and all over the India, then never resolve for anything less than what they have to provide you. May Flower online florist offers a handy and complete method of getting grasp of one of the best online florists in all of India. However sideways from this, the store is also providing its services to worldwide deliveries by way of their monumental relationship of world class florist outlets all all through the world. So we request you to go online to their web site at this time and ensure out their lovely creations online. Maxim what you actually denote has never been this artistic and recent!

Expanding your Horizons – Tricks to Make your Garden Look Bigger!

While an experienced gardener will have a knack for best taking advantage of the space theyve got, for example with the correct balance of small to large plants or how their borders are positioned, there is one magic trick none of us can perform and that is expanding the space itself. Of course, if Harry Houdini were here hed tell you the key to a good illusion is the mirrors, not the elephant. So as youve probably guessed, todays article concerns means of giving the appearance of a larger garden than youre actually possessed of.

Starting at ground level, we have the lines and shapes of a garden – specifically sectioned areas like lawns or paving. Due to the rectangular shape of many suburban gardens and box like connotations that geometric shapes invoke, it is often best to use fluid shapes such as circles or ovals when shaping your lawn. They not only disguise the boundaries but can also make a garden appear much wider. This can also apply to the paving that surrounds said lawns, as too many straight lines make the spaces seem constricted and unnatural. On that note, if youve a small garden, try to avoid large paving slabs as these tend to overpower the more delicate elements of a garden and, by using smaller pieces, youll be able to implement a random paved technique that no doubt will be more pleasing to the eye.

Apart from your open spaces, careful planning concerning your planting scheme is also essential to enlarging the garden as a whole. Remember the basic principle of all interior designers: lighter equals larger, while darkness means confinement. As such, your deeper toned flowers should be centralized to your borders and surrounded by lighter flowers that will relieve their oppressive connotations. Whilst surrounding the back door with crimson blooms, for example, can present an image of warmth that will be associated with the building itself, it can confine the observer, with the brighter colours fighting for your attention. Aim for lighter colours in your beds to match the greatest space you can manipulate, the sky above them. Aside from colour you should also consider the textures of your plants, finely textured plants like Rosemary will reflect light differently than the heavy foliage of a Laurel, which means that careful layering can add depth to your garden, while heavy handedness can make it look flat. Finally, you have the size of your plants which will vary depending on the type of garden youre aiming for. Simply put, bigger is better, thousands of tiny shrubs and flower heads make a garden look cluttered, whereas a bold structural scheme can attest to the size of their environment. Then theres the vertical approach – as vertical stripes make a dress seem longer, so do tall trees add a height to your garden that, even if you cant touch it, you can imagine it.

While on the subject of vertical gardening, it is important to note the value of structures like archways and pergolas. Similarly to the telescopic effect of putting your eye to a pin hole, a long corridor like this can give the illusion of length particularly if entwined with vibrant hanging flowers. There are also various perspective arches on the market which have the same effect. A garden can also be made to look longer by constructing paths that narrow in width as they progress down the plot.

Finally we have the oldest trick in the book, and one that brings us back to Mr. Houdini – mirrors. Reflective glass has been used by designers since time immemorial to double or triple the size of a room and theres no reason not to apply this beyond the home, and into the garden. Most effective when placed facing an open space such as a lawn or a pretty planting scheme, but not so as to immediately reflect the viewer as they approach, they can give the illusion of another inviting garden beyond. Their illusion can be strengthened by the addition of a view of moving water that will lend the image fluidity.

Different Kinds Of Artificial Flower Pot Arrangement

People have chosen to use artificial flowers as decorations at home because they have found that it can give a lot of benefits. Through the years, they have created a homey appearance in their barren and small patio using artificial azaleas, artificial ivy and artificial bougainvillea using the hanging baskets. And adding these exquisite artificial flowering plants outdoor can create an interesting and entertaining place for relaxation.

Using artificial plants saves you a lot of space and you don’t need to maintain them like a real garden. You can also improvise what you want your garden to look like by trying some clever arrangement techniques or by asking some experts about the best way in arranging artificial flowering plants or outdoor artificial grasses in pots. Your friends and other people can never tell if these things are real or artificial not unless they touch it.

Vertical Stack Arrangement

One simple way to arrange the potted artificial flowering plants or outdoor artificial grasses in your patio or garden is do it vertically. You can put artificial barberry or ribbon grass to get an upward momentum or some thrilling flowers on the side to get an exotic effect.

Multiple Pots Arrangement

Artificial azaleas, geraniums and gardenias are best to be put either in small or big pots. There vibrant colors and live-like looks can add visual impact to the passersby. Using various shapes, sizes and colors of pots will create a multidimensional proposition. Artificial tall grasses will also serve as a barricade or block for the unwanted views.

Hanging Flower Pots

You will enjoy the perennial beauty of the artificial hanging plants because they are made of a high quality industrial grade polyethylene blend material. It can add an aesthetic value to your empty patio or window. Additionally, they will act as fillers to the bare areas and can create a dramatic effect to the faade of your home.

Wall Flowers

Putting multiple artificial flowering plants on the side of the walls or lattice with the support of the beams will allow you making use of the space. The aesthetic arrangement of the flowers can give a pleasing living art or masterpiece to the viewers.

Horizontal Arrangement

If you have multiple potted plants of artificial flowers just simply put them on a pedestal or on the base of the patio. It will give emphasis to the height and width of the flowers and grasses.

Exotic Wooden Garden Furniture For Your Backyard

While, teak, oak and walnut are great options as wooden garden furniture for your backyard, you will be pleased to know that there are a number of other species of wood that are available out there which are exotic, equally strong, gorgeous looking and will last for generations.

South America, India, Southeast Asia and Europe consist of abundant quantities of exotic wood species that are unique to these regions and are known for their robust and durable nature.

A large number of ornamental Outdoor Garden Furniture comes from Southeast Asia, especially from the Philippines. The most popular ones are known as the Kamagong and the Narra, approximately translated as Rustic or Root outdoor furniture.

The Kamagong

This material is an extremely hard form of wood and considered to be the strongest of its kind. Believed to be imperishable, this material was commonly used to make hunting material and weapons like spears, and handles for knives and swords.

With its depleting supply, it is considered among the rarest hardwoods in the world.

The Narra

This tree is considered to be the national tree of Philippines, and consists of a gorgeous and elegant deep red wood grain finish. This tropical material is an extremely popular choice of Wooden Garden Furniture in the Philippines because of its ability to tolerate extreme weather elements.

Rated as one of the sturdiest hardwood materials in the world outdoor garden furniture made out of Narra is exported to all parts of the globe. In addition to being used to make furniture, the interlocked wavy grains make it a preferred material of choice for high-end flooring as well as wall panels.

This material is extremely resistant to termites and wood borers and make for an extremely elegant as well as functional choice of wood.

These pieces are quite expensive, but furniture made out of these elegant and exotic materials can truly take the aesthetics of your backyard to the next level. If combined with the right accessories such as Garden Parasols and some interesting botanical elements, your backyard is sure to become the object of your neighbours envy.

Florists Find Out the Benefits of Visiting a Local Florist

Before you order flowers in bulk from a large website, you should consider the perks of using local florists. If you have any questions about your floral needs, you are more likely to get a fast answer from a person than a website.

These days it is pretty easy to go online, look at descriptions and pictures of flowers, and then pick the ones you want without even leaving your computer. In fact, you can usually order them online, as well. However, there are a few reasons that getting out and heading to local florists can be the best route to take. Find out what a visit to an experienced florist can do for you.

One thing to keep in mind is that color is not always properly represented online. It is impossible for a photo on the computer to have the same exact color as the actual product, and the shade can actually vary from one computer to another. Of course, the shade is usually close enough that you can get an idea of what it will look like, but if you are having trouble choosing between two flowers that look very similar in color, you will have an easier time when you check out local florists since you may find that the two colors are more different than you thought.

Another reason to give nearby florists a chance is that not everyone knows how much of each flower to order. If you use a typical large floral website to check out and purchase products, you will not get the personalized help that most experienced florists can offer. Most people do not know much about ordering flora for events, so if this describes you, know that you can get some assistance on this subject when you visit a florist as opposed to blindly ordering online and hoping that you chose the correct amount.

One benefit of working with a florist as opposed to a website is that everything is on a case by case basis. If you can find what you want on a website for the right price, and it is in stock, then everything might run smoothly. However, if you have any questions about the flowers you should get for your event, or want to know when a particular flower will be in stock, it may be difficult to get answers from a large site. At a local florist shop, you can usually get answers immediately about your specific order.

Clearly, most florists offer personalized customer service in person, while websites usually just offer convenience. If you have no questions or issues, and know exactly what you want, you may not need to talk to anyone in person. However, if you are unsure of how to order flowers and want some directions, heading to a florist near you is a good idea.

Tips About Selecting A Backyard Garden Swing

A backyard garden swing accentuates the attraction of relaxing in a garden on a windy or warm warm day. Small children are specifically fond of swings to play with. A back garden swing set can have two types of mechanism – it can either swing or glide. Swinging means to reach greater altitude and gliding means just to swing like the three seater swings. Both the sorts are then mounted on an upper column therefore hangs from there on either a strong tree side branch or upon a man-made structure.

With wide variety of swings for sale in buyer markets, it’s difficult to get a swing. Consider the following tips prior to picking out back garden swings:

1.Garden swings needs to be made from cured woods as it will be open to elemental wear and tear. Cedar, redwood, and teak are the frequently employed woods and cedar way more since it has all-natural resistance to infestations and so are suitable for all climatic conditions. Before buying, check the wood quality and whether or not this will be able to tolerate the climatic conditions of your residential area.

2.Before purchasing, you’ll want to consider- for whom do you think you’re purchasing the swing? Compact backyards may have one seater swings whilst medium or big home gardens which really should have family seating arrangement for example three seater swings. For larger back garden swings, it’s likely you have to construct yet another structure for weight support.

3.The costing of the garden swing should match your spending budget. Depending upon the materials used, designs, texture, and mode of manufacture, the garden swings are priced. While wooden swings are highly priced, comparatively, its rustic counterpart is reasonably priced. Add to the costing, the installment costs and maintenance costs.

4.Consider your individual style before buying! Though rustic or whitewashed swings are of much better overall appeal for any kind of gardens, it’s possible to nevertheless select multiple colors and design patterns. For organic feel, it is possible to paint flowers on the swing etc. Your swing style ought to be an extension of your preferences. While the choice of family does matter, hear their opinions after which choose the one which perhaps echos the style and choice of the entire family.

Finally, before using a back garden swing, you might embellish it. Soft cushions would be the ideal accessory. Throw in 4 – 5 cushions and sit there all day admiring the weather, gulls soaring away, the pleasant view, and the straightforwardness of this all! Since soft cushions on garden swings will deteriorate easily, the requirement is to replace the older ones with newer ones. Back garden cushions of more neutral color are suitable as they add to the natural appeal of the place. Patterns, feel, color, and sizes do vary and they are occasionally custom made by cushion manufacturers.

To maintain the improved appeal of a garden, keep on shaping the area at regular intervals to avoid wild grass growth. A garden swing set is constructed with variety of materials and represent a style to home dcor. Wood swings are much recommended option as they quite simply gel with the natural environment than other back garden swing components.

Steps In Making Inexpensive Crystal Bridal Bouquet

Crystal bridal bouquets are popular these days, becoming the trendy alternative to standard flower bouquets. Crystal bouquets are good for ladies who consider bridal bouquets as lifetime wedding memorabilia. Flower bouquets will wither after a week or two. Crystal bouquets are timeless. The question is whether to buy them or make your own.

Your wedding florist should be able to help you with designing your bridal bouquet. Bridal bouquets should be considered key pieces of your wedding. It is hard to imagine weddings without pretty and classy bouquets. Conventional flower bouquets can be transformed to glittering bunch of flowers. If you want to personalize your bouquet and make it classy with crystals, you are going to need crystals, wires, and ribbons. You may also need adhesive tapes and craft pliers. You can buy these supplies at craft stores in your town. Buying online is another option.

Since crystals are the pivotal element of your floral bouquet. Elegant crystal bridal bouquets can be created using Swarovski crystals. Such an elegant creation may be too expensive for some. You can go for less expensive crystals, like the Czech fire polished crystals, which look gorgeous. Those who are considering other types of crystals should go online to see a wide assortment and compare prices to see which ones fit the budget.

There are different ways of creating crystal bouquets, but you most probably would need a spool of silver wire and ribbons. Use 20 gauge silver wire. You may need craft pliers for cutting and bending these wires. When buying ribbons, make sure you base your choice on your wedding day motif.

Here are steps to make chic crystal bouquet.

1. Prepare about 20 inches of cut wires.
2. Run the wire into a crystal bead until it reaches the center of the wire. Fold the wire in such a way that the ends meet together.
3. The next step is to braid the crystal beads. You can do this manually, but some people use a braiding tool and craft pliers, which hasten the task. Insert the bead into the clamp of the braiding tool while holding both wire ends with pliers. Once you turn the drill, the wire ends will twist to form a firm stem of the bead. Do this process to as many crystals as you likeenough to form a good bouquet.
4. You may need to trim the stems to the desired length. The best way to do this is to gather all stems and trim them all at once.
5. Bring all stems together so you can form a nice bouquet of crystals. There are a few ways to do this. You can glue the wire stems together or you can use wires to tie the stems together. Your bouquet is not yet finished. The crystal beads may be glittering, but the bundled silver wire stems can look unsightly.
6. Cover the stem in ribbon. Accentuate the crystals with ribbon loops. The design shall be based on your preference this time.

If you do not have time to work on your crystal bouquet or if you do not trust your creativity that much, consider checking out available wedding crystal bouquets online.